Eco Friendly Watches - Preserving Time For The Future

Written by Christelle D

In 2022, we released over 36 billion tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. That’s the highest level ever. And half of this came from manufacturing. What’s more, the U.N. Environment Programme recently warned the world about the fact that at our current pace of production and consumption, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050. So, investing in eco-friendly accessories is a no-brainer if you want to reduce your carbon footprint and preserve the planet.

In this post, we’re highlighting five watchmakers committed to using a sustainable manufacturing process to craft their products.

5 Best Sustainable Watch Brands

1. Citizen 2. IWC
3. Chopard 4. Mondaine
5. Solios

1. Citizen


Citizen is a pioneer when it comes to sustainable watches. The company unveiled its first eco-friendly model, named Crystron Solar Cell, in 1976 in the aftermath of the world’s worst energy crisis. Along with switching to more durable materials such as titanium to create its watches and manufacturing both the components and machines used to produce the products exclusively in-house, the Japanese watchmaker also focused on developing revolutionary light-powered technology called eco-drive.

The watches could run on both natural and artificial light. This powerful breakthrough meant that consumers no longer needed batteries to power their watches allowing them to invest in a high-quality zero-pollution accessory. And today, the company goes even one step further by donating 1% of its overall U.S. online sales to help fund various programs and organizations dedicated to protecting the planet, such as American Forests.

Citizen is one of the most trusted brands regarding sustainability, and investing in one of their watches is a green step towards preserving our planet’s future.

2. IWC


IWC is the epitome of luxury with a smaller carbon footprint. But what’s so green about IWC?IWC has been focusing on protecting the ocean for over two decades and makes a conscious effort to go green throughout the entire supply chain. Materials are sourced from RJC-certified (Responsible Jewelry Council) suppliers only to ensure its components aren’t tainted by human rights abuses or significant environmental damage.

The company is also consistently innovating to reduce its carbon footprint. For instance, it has recently reduced by 90% the amount of plastic in its packaging. But packaging and products aren’t the only areas IWC targets to diminish its environmental impact. The watchmaker shows its commitment to a more sustainable production process by implementing a “reusing and recycling” policy within the company.

One of the most significant initiatives IWC has taken to date is its ongoing partnership with Cousteau Society started back in 2004. The Cousteau Society, named after the famous French ocean explorer, is dedicated to saving and protecting marine life. IWC even released the Aquatimer Cousteau Divers watch in homage to the navigator and its life commitment to protecting the oceans.

3. Chopard


Chopard defines itself as a watch manufacturer on “a journey to sustainable luxury.” Environmental responsibility is at the core of Chopard’s mission and values across the range. The L.U.C. Flying T Twin, in particular, is symbolic of the company’s environmental commitment.

The model seamlessly combines luxury, elegance, and environmental and social responsibility using ethically sourced materials. For instance, Chopard sources ethical gold from RJC-certified suppliers only to craft its splendid timepieces.

But that’s not all. The brand also uses vegetal tanning (which doesn’t require the use of chemicals) to craft its alligator leather straps. Lastly, all the luxury watchmaker’s pieces are designed and created in-house to meet the company’s stringent quality and environmental standards.

4. Mondaine


“We Care.” That’s the Swiss company’s strapline, and the recent milestone of becoming the first watchmaker in the world to achieve net zero emissions in all business areas is a testament to the band’s commitment to sustainable practices.

In 2017, Mondaine released its Mondaine Essence collection, representing the brand’s dedication to producing high-quality and aesthetically pleasing watches that respond to modern-day consumers’ environmental concerns. 70% of the iconic model is manufactured using renewable materials, including bioplastic and vegan straps made from P.E.T. water bottles and cork lining.

Moreover, in 2019, Mondaine launched a watch-recycling service allowing customers to send their old watches to its Solothurn factory for recycling. But the company’s eco-friendly initiatives extend beyond the use of sustainable materials and its recycling program. Mondaine’s watch factory, based in Switzerland, relies on its own photovoltaic power station for 80% of its energy. The group is also actively looking for leather alternatives.

5. Solios


Solios was founded in 2018 with one core mission; creating beautiful eco-friendly watches made to last. The founders believe elegance and sustainability can go hand in hand and proved it by creating a stellar range. The Canadian company rapidly gained traction, being the first watch company in the world to become B Corporation certified.

The B Corp Certification is designed to measure a company’s social and environmental footprint. The certification process is rigorous and involves all departments of a company. It also requires transparency and continuous improvement. Businesses that hold the certification have demonstrated high standards regarding employee benefits, charitable giving, and sustainable supply chain practices.

Now, did you know that if all the watches produced in the world were solar-powered, we could prevent the production of a staggering 1 billion watch batteries every year? Solios does and has engineered its entire range using solar energy. What’s more, from recycled stainless steel and eco vegan leather to handmade eco packaging, the materials used to craft the watches are all eco-friendly.

Minimalist, refined, elegant, clean, and durable. These are a few of the many adjectives we’d use to describe these solar-powered timepieces.

Sustainable Fashion Is Not A Trend But The Future - Antonia Böhlke

Long gone are the days when consumerism was touted. In 2022, investing in sustainable fashion, whether it be jewelry, clothing, or accessories, is critical to protecting the planet. All the brands listed above exemplify sustainability, and you can rest assured that no matter which one you choose, you’ll be acting for the greater good while purchasing a timeless and stylish watch.