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4 Bedroom Villa For Sale  Lp39108 1621bf30718fad00.jpg

Price on Application

Magnificent Contemporary Home in The Acres


Beds4 Beds

Bathroom4 Baths

BUA: 4,091 sqft

Ref no: LP39108

Q1: What are the unique features of the 4-bedroom villa at The Acres?

A1: The 4-bedroom villa at The Acres stands out with its distinctive stone wall design, offering privacy and architectural elegance. The villa boasts a BUA of 4,091.36 Sq Ft and includes a master bedroom with elevated park views, a top-floor multi-purpose room with a spacious shaded terrace, and interiors crafted for privacy and luxury.

Q2: What is the total master plan GFA of The Acres community?

A2: The Acres, a newly developed community, encompasses a total Master Plan GFA of 554,260 SQM or 5,966,005 SQFT. This exclusive neighborhood features standalone villas surrounded by serene gardens and azure lagoons, harmoniously integrated with the natural landscape.

Q3: What makes the villas at The Acres stand out in terms of design and surroundings?

A3: The villas at The Acres are distinguished by their contemporary open-plan layout, floor-to-ceiling windows, and signature outdoor rooms and rear gardens that blend seamlessly with nature. The design focuses on bringing the captivating outdoor flora inside, offering a living space where nature is an integral part of daily life.

Q4: Can you describe the community amenities available at The Acres?

A4: The Acres offers an array of community amenities including a Kindergarten, Lagoon Clubhouse, Juice Bar, Community and Halo Parks, a Mosque, Retail areas, and various sports and wellness facilities. The neighborhood is also equipped with swim-friendly lagoons & lakes, jogging tracks, outdoor gyms, and crafting stations, ensuring a vibrant and healthy lifestyle for its residents.

Q5: How does The Acres demonstrate its commitment to sustainability?

A5: The Acres proudly showcases its commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, being certified under the LEED v4.1 Cities and Communities: Plan and Design certification. This reflects the community's dedication to creating a living space that is both luxurious and responsible for the environment.

Q6: What types of gardens and outdoor spaces can be found at The Acres?

A6: The Acres boasts a variety of gardens and outdoor spaces, including Adventure Park, natural ponds, a boulevard, a mosque plaza, a retail promenade, a Ripe Market, community pavilions, an event lawn & island, dry Wadi trail/wetland park, and kids play areas. Residents can also enjoy outdoor & forest terraces, dog parks, crafting stations, herbal and orchard gardens, art gardens, garden majlis, wellness gardens, floating decks, and treehouse viewing decks.

Q7: Are there any educational and healthcare facilities within The Acres?

A7: Yes, The Acres is equipped with essential facilities like schools and healthcare centers, ensuring that residents have convenient access to education and medical services within the community.

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