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3 Bedroom Villa For Sale  Lp39107 27beea213c3d1600.jpg
3 Bedroom Villa For Sale  Lp39107 1658e4399b497a00.jpg
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3 Bedroom Villa For Sale  Lp39107 2ee7314fe1cf02.jpg
3 Bedroom Villa For Sale  Lp39107 2969938fcdd7d400.jpg
3 Bedroom Villa For Sale  Lp39107 B7ca77962e04b00.jpg
3 Bedroom Villa For Sale  Lp39107 228a25095b8e3600.jpg
3 Bedroom Villa For Sale  Lp39107 2ed09b07f263a000.jpg
3 Bedroom Villa For Sale  Lp39107 Bbfc19e8b749a00.jpg
3 Bedroom Villa For Sale  Lp39107 A1d338dc2ed5380.jpg

Price on Application

Excellent Family Home in The Acres


Beds3 Beds

Bathroom3 Baths

BUA: 3,084 sqft

Ref no: LP39107

Q1: What unique features does The Acres' 3-bedroom villa offer?

A1: The Acres' 3-bedroom villa, with a built-up area of 3,084.55 Sq Ft, stands out with its garden facade that offers views of lush surroundings, promoting a life closely connected with nature. The villa includes a side courtyard, intimate living spaces, and a master bedroom with pool and park views. The second floor features a family area and a spacious shaded terrace, blending indoor comfort with the beauty of the outdoors.

Q2: How does the design of The Acres' villas integrate nature into daily living?

A2: The Acres villas, available in 3 to 5-bedroom configurations, boast a contemporary design with open-plan layouts and floor-to-ceiling windows. These architectural elements seamlessly integrate the captivating outdoor flora into the living space, making nature an integral part of everyday life. The villas' outdoor rooms and rear gardens further merge with the surrounding nature, offering a refined living experience.

Q3: What amenities and features are available in The Acres community?

A3: The Acres community, spanning a total master plan GFA of 554,260 SQM (5,966,005 SQFT), offers a range of amenities including serene gardens, azure lagoons, kindergartens, a lagoon clubhouse, juice bars, mosques, retail spaces, and various parks such as Halo Park and a community park. The neighborhood also features swimmable lagoons, natural ponds, outdoor gyms, jogging tracks, sports areas, and wellness gardens, among other facilities.

Q4: What sustainable practices are implemented in The Acres community?

A4: The Acres demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices through its certification under LEED v4.1 Cities and Communities: Plan and Design. This reflects the community's dedication to sustainable development and eco-friendly living.

Q5: How does The Acres cater to family and community life?

A5: The Acres is designed with family and community life at its core. From kindergartens and primary schools to mosques and healthcare facilities, the community caters to the educational, spiritual, and health needs of its residents. With amenities like clubhouses, crafting stations, dog parks, and children's play areas, it ensures a vibrant and interactive community life for all ages.

Q6: What outdoor and recreational facilities does The Acres offer?

A6: Outdoor and recreational facilities at The Acres include adventure parks, jogging tracks, sports areas, outdoor gyms, event lawns, dry wadi trails, wetland parks, and various gardens like the herbal, orchard, and perennial gardens. The community also features swimming pools, treehouse viewing decks, and crafting stations, providing diverse activities for recreation and relaxation.

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