Best Schools Near Dubai Hills Estate

Written by Silvana Fitzpatrick

Dubai Hills Estate is one of the most popular and sought-after residential communities in Dubai. This luxurious development is a perfect blend of modern architecture and nature, offering a serene and peaceful environment to its residents. Apart from its exceptional amenities and facilities, Dubai Hills Estate is also known for its outstanding schools, making it an ideal community for families with children.

In this blog, we'll take a closer look at some of the reasons why parents should consider Dubai Hills Estate for their kids' education.

Dubai Hills Estate is located close to some of the top-rated schools in Dubai, providing world-class education to children of all ages. These schools follow international curriculums and offer a diverse range of educational programs that cater to the individual needs and interests of every child.

GEMS Wellington Academy

GEMS Wellington Academy

GEMS Wellington Academy-Al Khail, established in September 2013, is a world-class international school that aims to inspire a passion for learning and excellence in students' lives. The school follows the highly successful GEMS Wellington Schools academic learning model and has a diverse student community consisting of over 80 nationalities, which celebrates their cultures, backgrounds, abilities, and talents.

The school delivers learning programmes that are based on the National Curriculum for England (NCfE) and are further enhanced by global best practices, ensuring that students achieve the best possible academic outcomes and develop habits and competencies to become successful lifelong learners. In the Secondary School, the curriculum is designed to prepare students for their GCSE studies in Years 10 and 11 and A-Level courses in Years 12 and 13.

At GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail, three pillars form the foundation of teaching and learning. These pillars include The Science of Learning, Social Enterprise and Innovation, and Student Agency. The school uses these pillars as guides to create pathways for students to succeed both academically and personally.

GEMS New Millennium School

GEMS New Millennium School

One of the standout schools in the community is GEMS New Millennium School, which teaches both the British and Indian curricula. This all-through school has been providing quality education to students since its opening in 2013.

GEMS New Millennium School has a strong reputation for academic excellence and a commitment to providing a well-rounded education for its students. The school offers a range of extracurricular activities, including sports, music, arts, and drama. This helps students to develop their skills and interests beyond the classroom, while also fostering a sense of community and teamwork.

The school's facilities are state-of-the-art and include modern classrooms, science and computer labs, a library, and sports facilities. The teachers at GEMS New Millennium School are highly qualified and experienced, ensuring that students receive the best possible education. The school also offers a range of support services, including counselling and academic support, to ensure that every student reaches their full potential.

Dubai Heights Academy

Dubai Heights Academy

Dubai Heights Academy, situated just 10 minutes away from Dubai Hills Estate in Al Barsha, is a school that fosters a diverse, forward-thinking, innovative, ambitious, tolerant, and welcoming environment. The school aims to help each child reach the heights of their personal potential, grow through their intellectual, emotional, recreational, and educational journeys, and develop academically, socially, and emotionally.

The school follows the British curriculum to provide students with excellent opportunities and support for their holistic development. Dubai Heights Academy is committed to building a progressive, creative, and engaging facility with enriching programmes and state-of-the-art technology where every student feels secure, significant, and valued. The school aims to empower young, inquisitive minds, nurture positive thinking in a holistic learning environment that fosters independent learners with the life skills to innovate and problem-solve.

Dubai Heights Academy instills the value of working hard to achieve goals and accepting challenges enthusiastically while applying knowledge in daily life and future careers. The school aims to achieve this through open parent dialogue and community partnership.

Dubai Heights Academy offers a high-quality curriculum based on the National Curriculum of England, which has been adapted to encompass the educational teaching and learning requirements of the KHDA (Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority). The curriculum is further enriched by the addition of Arabic language, Islamic Studies, Moral Education, and Social Studies.

At Dubai Heights Academy, students benefit from a range of extra-curricular activities that complement their academic studies, including sports, music, and drama. The school also has a strong focus on community service, encouraging students to give back to their community and make a positive impact on society. Dubai Heights Academy is a school that provides an excellent academic foundation while nurturing students' holistic development in a safe, secure, and supportive environment.

Choosing the Top School in Dubai Hills Estate

The schools in and around Dubai Hills Estate offer a diverse range of educational programs and curricula, ensuring that every child has access to quality education, with each school having their own unique strengths. These schools have excellent facilities, experienced teachers, and a commitment to providing a well-rounded education for their students. Whether you are looking for a British or Indian curriculum education for your child, there is a school in Dubai Hills Estate that will meet your needs.

The schools near Dubai Hills Estate have a strong reputation for academic excellence, state-of-the-art facilities, and a commitment to providing a well-rounded education for their students. So, if you are a parent looking for quality education for your child, consider Dubai Hills Estate as a community that can provide the best education opportunities for your family.

Not only does Dubai Hills Estate offer a number of fantastic educational institutions, it also offers a wide range of different properties perfect for families. The beloved community offers gorgeous apartments, as well a variety of villas and townhouses, both for rent and for sale.