Downtown Dubai Rental Market Update - Full Year 2022

Written by Adam Gee

Downtown Dubai has long been known as one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in the city, with its bustling atmosphere, world-renowned landmarks, and high-end offerings. However, recent data shows a 26.7% drop in new rental contracts in 2022, which may seem concerning at first glance. But upon closer inspection, this statistic mainly pertains to high-end serviced apartments, leaving plenty of untapped opportunities in Downtown Dubai for those seeking luxurious living and high-quality design.

As Dubai continues to attract global high-net-worth individuals, Downtown Dubai is transitioning into a more exclusive community, catering to discerning clients with top-tier offerings. The luxury segment experienced incredible growth in 2022, with prime and super-prime spaces in high demand among Dubai's growing high-net-worth population.

While not the most affordable option, Downtown Dubai's stability and established neighborhood status make it an attractive choice for tenants seeking premium spaces. Despite the challenges posed by rising rental prices and a shortage of housing stock, Downtown Dubai is still a prime location for those who value exclusivity and luxury.

In our latest market report, we delve into the key trends occurring within Downtown's rental market and provide insights into what we can expect in 2023.