Celestiq: Cadillac Teases its Newest Luxury Electric Vehicle

Written by Mentorsweb

Here we go; the quite literal Cadillac of Electric Vehicles is finally here. The Cadillac Celestiq is the electric hatchback (originally thought to be a sedan) soon to be seen on the roads. According to Cadillac, it is the first handcrafted electric sedan with all the bells and whistles you can expect from an EV and some more.

For starters, Celestiq offers a full smart glass roof with four distinct zones. Each occupant can adjust the transparency level of the roof glass from fully transparent to complete dark. Plus, it can match the mood lighting of the interior. This for sure is going to be an experience unlike any other. Think of Rolls Royce’s starlight headliner but even more extravagant and luxurious.

Then there’s the smart infotainment system which, according to Cadillac, is from pillar to pillar. It is an uninterrupted giant screen that spans the width of the whole dash. Let’s get into individual details of the Cadillac Celestiq.


Celestiq, according to the manufacturer, is hand built and is expected to have only 500 cars built annually. This makes it even more desirable. We saw this fact when the first bookings were closed in just 10 minutes. The exterior of the car combines luxury and modern curves that spans the whole body of the car.

The front of the car fashions a sleek modern look with a giant grill and vertical headlights. There are more than 100 custom 3D printed design elements that make up for a quite unfamiliar but stunning design.

The rear of the car carries the same sleek lines with similar-looking vertical taillights. The Cadillac logo is displayed in the middle while Celestiq is written on the right side. There is no rear wiper, and a shark fin antenna can also be seen on the roof.


Technology and Celestiq Interior

Celestiq is the name of luxury, comfort, elegance, and class. Unlike Tesla cars, it is built for those with a taste for better quality items. The features in tech offered by Celestiq are a class apart. It comes equipped with a dash widescreen, excellent climate control, seat controls, and true autopilot with an intelligent lane change function. Besides these, your Celestiq is equipped with Android Auto and Apple Car Play.

Since Celestiq is based on the extraordinary Lyriq platform, it too will be equipped with the active noise cancellation feature that minimizes road noise in any road conditions so you can enjoy a smooth and peaceful drive anywhere and everywhere; and yes, you will get the extra power boost when needed the most. Celestiq interior is modern and sleek, with a design that reflects its exterior. The first thing you will notice is the stunning panoramic glass roof. Then there’s the wide, uninterrupted dash widescreen display which offers an incredible view.

​You can also control everything in the car from this screen, from the entertainment system to the climate and even your seats. The Cadillac Celestiq also comes with a unique feature; the Cadillac user experience. This allows you to have a personalized infotainment system. The car will remember your preferences and settings, so you don’t have to adjust it every time you get in.

The seats are comfortable and offer good support. They are also adjustable in 22 different ways so you can find the perfect position for yourself. The backseat has enough legroom and headroom for two adults. There is no doubt that Cadillac has outdone itself with Celestiq. It is the epitome of luxury, comfort, and style. If you are looking for an electric vehicle that offers all this and more, then Celestiq is the car for you.


Drive Terrain and Steering

Not only is Celestiq an all-wheel drive electric car, but it has all-wheel steering capability as well. This feature makes steering the car even smoother and reduces the turning radius, giving the driver more control. In those snowy or rainy conditions where one wheel needs more traction than the other, you can be sure it will have all the power required to stop the car from skidding and slipping.

No word on the power of the car and its motors yet, but we expect it to be driven by 4 individual electric motors designed in-house by Cadillac, which is different from the currently available Lyriq.


Battery Power

A 100kWh Ultium battery powers CELESTIQ. This battery type helps distribute the weight of all battery packs equally between the front and the rear of the car. Due to a lower center of gravity, it provides more stability and better performance at higher speeds. The base model will give up to 300+ miles on a single charge.

Charging your ultra-luxurious Celestiq is easier and more convenient. You can use a Public or Home AC charger to add tens of miles in mere 30 minutes or a fast DC charger to add up to 76 miles in mere 10 minutes only. You do not need special outlets or other hardware just get the home use cable, put it in the trunk or the frunk and you are good to go anywhere with power.



Speaking of the trunk and a frunk, Celestiq too comes with front and rear storage spaces. When released, Celestiq will offer a spacious place to store all your luggage (and some more). It can easily accommodate two large-sized suitcases and you could use the front space to store charging cables and some other management items. Storage shouldn’t be an issue with folding rear seats.

The Cadillac Celestiq is a luxury electric vehicle that offers many features and benefits that are not available in other electric cars. Some of its features include all-wheel drive, all-wheel steering, and a 100kWh battery. The car can also be charged quickly using a Public or Home AC charger. It has plenty of storage space for luggage and other items. If you are looking for an electric car that has all of these features, then the Celestiq is the perfect choice for you.


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