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5 October 2021 Written by Staff Writer

Spice-scented air, the medieval medina and bustling souks ensnare the senses and capture the heart of any traveller who passes through Marrakech. Crowned by the minaret of the 12th Century Koutoubia mosque the city is vibrant and thriving, welcoming visitors from all over the world, throughout the year.

We are delighted to be advertising several exceptional properties on our International platform, listed by Kensington Properties (in association with Christie’s International Real Estate). Alex Peto, Associate Partner at Kensington says, “Our diverse portfolio of both sales and rental properties each have their own unique charm and characteristics - creating an intimate ambience for residents. Classic homes offer old-world charm, whilst modern developments are diversified but both emphasise the talent and knowledge of local craftsmen. We can open the doors to some of the most exceptional property masterpieces on offer”.

Despite its popularity, Marrakech is actually the 4th largest city in Morocco (after Tangier, Rabat, Casablanca and Agadir) and is located in the Southwest of the country. Known as the ‘Red City’, it is a well-established cultural and religious centre, nestled at the foot of the Atlas Mountains and famed for its textiles and traditional handicrafts.

Beyond the city’s natural beauty and curated experiences lie some of the world’s most beautiful properties - stunning palaces and sprawling villas carefully cradled in green oases that offer a tranquil respite from the hustle and bustle of the main city. Architectural styles blend various influences seamlessly, and offer surprises at every turn - sleek and modern facades give way to bright jewel tones and intricate tiling, whilst sumptuous fabrics are paired with dark wood to create inviting spaces. Contemporary aesthetics also have their place, with clean and minimalist lines opening up to large windows, flooding rooms with soft, natural light.

Those looking to invest in a property here will find that their money goes surprisingly far, and that there are options for all budgets and tastes. The real estate market in Marrakech, and wider Morocco, is experiencing an upward trend as a result of tax incentives offered to private investors, as well as continued investment in infrastructure. This is unlikely to abate, meaning property values will continue to appreciate over the coming years.

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