Get The Best Deal On Villas In Dubai With The Best Property Dealers!

20 January 2023 Written by Staff Writer

The architectural magnificence of Dubai is something we're all familiar with. Dubai is one of the leading cities where the real estate market is booming. Residential properties in Dubai are one of the biggest investment opportunities attracting investors from all over the world. Several prestigious residential projects are dedicated to building the best communities for investors and residents with top-notch amenities. 
One such community is the Arabian Ranches community providing both home ownership and rental opportunities for people looking for a residential property.

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Affordable luxury; is what the Arabian Ranches community offers. It is one of the original residential communities in Dubai, offering beautifully designed properties at the best affordable prices. If you're someone, who is looking for a small-town or country-living lifestyle, then Rasha Villas is the dream home you’ve been looking for. What do they offer? Keep reading to find out all about the best villas in Dubai!
Location: It is; located on Sheikh Zayed Road, which is one of the prime locations in the city, close to the Dubai Marina, The Sustainable City, and the Discovery Gardens. Staying at such a location provides easy access to areas like the Dubai International Airport, the beach, Downtown District, etc. The property is also close to; some famous clubs, like The Polo Club and The Equestrian Club. 
Amenities: Besides the architectural beauty of the properties, the villas offer some of the best state-of-the-art amenities; that you cannot resist. From; indoor running tracks, tennis and squash courts to spas to beauty salons, it offers a wide range of facilities. The residents can also enjoy facilities such as Intercom, Satellite TV, Broadband, and Internet connection. For children, there are many outdoor children's parks and recreational centers available.

Green spaces with beautifully decorated pathways are ideal for people who love going on afternoon and evening walks. The Arabian Ranches community center also has a fitness gym and a nearby football field. Needless to say that coming back home from work won’t be boring when you have so many delightful facilities.
Types of properties: Depending upon their preference and requirements, residents can choose from; a variety of villas. They can opt for; three-bedroom villas, four-bedroom villas, five-bedroom villas, and six-bedroom villas. The villas are designed with Spanish-styled design elements but can be customized; as per the occupants' preferences. The residents can choose; any one of the housing plans. Amenities are; included in all the housing plans. 
Villas are one of the most modern and elegant residential properties, it speaks highly of the owner's taste and sense of style. It offers you the freedom of privacy despite living within a community. Spaciousness, is another contributing factor that could explain why residents opt to buy or rent a villa. 
Villas are a symbol of; luxury, but is an affordable luxury a reality or a myth? If you have the best property dealer, then; affording luxury is possible. With you can buy your dream villa at the best affordable prices. So, what are you waiting; for? Go online and book your dream home today!