The Best Earbuds in the World 2022-23

5 September 2020 Written by Staff Writer

Earbuds prove a good deal of convenience whether you’re on the go, taking a call or working out. They also make a bold style statement with some unique designs that go beyond the standard earplug, and the rare few deliver a level of sound quality that is comparable to some of the most sophisticated headphones on the market. If you consider yourself an audiophile and want to upgrade your listening experience, then have a look at the world’s best earbuds.

1. AKG N5005

AKG N5005

A subsidiary of Samsung, AKG is known for exceptional audio equipment, including microphones and headphones for recording studios and performance venues, as well as a fantastic range of consumer headphones. The N5005 is their new flagship earphone (or in-ear headphone), boasting a design that incorporates five drivers for more dynamic sound, along with four sound adjustment levels depending on how much bass you prefer. It also has a battery life of upto 8 hours with a 2-hour charge time.

2. Audeze LCDi4

Audeze LCDi4

One of the key factors that makes Audeze such a great choice is the technology that goes into its design - a flexible circuit that was designed for spacecraft by a NASA scientist was modified for use in headphones. The end result is crisp sound and a lightweight earpiece. The ultimate goal is to recreate the experience of a live concert, a feat that would normally require a lot of specialised audio equipment. For Audeze, creating some of the best earphones in the world really is rocket science.

3. Cardas A8

Cardas A8

Although Cardas is best known as a cable manufacturer, the company has made a foray into the world of earphones and produced one of the world’s finest models. The regular Cardas A8 is a fine piece in itself, but if you’re looking for the exceptional, then you really need to get the 30th anniversary edition. Featuring earbuds finished in black chrome and with a brass casing, the A8 has a nice heft to it and fits very comfortably in the ear. Sound quality is very impressive, and it goes without saying that it comes with a sturdy and well-designed cable.

4. Empire Ears Bravado

Empire Ears Bravado

The Bravado has a unique shape that is a cross between the head of a golf driver club and an uncut gemstone. This unique shape also makes for a comfortable and seamless fit, and is complemented by a sound profile that is deep when it comes to bass and smooth on the higher notes. Each set of Bravado earphones is fully hand-crafted, giving you the option to choose a custom design on their website.

5. Sennheiser Momentum

Sennheiser Momentum

One of the global leaders in audio technology, Sennheiser was perhaps a bit late coming into the wireless earbuds arena in comparison to its competitors, but made quite a grand entrance with the Momentum True Wireless. Sharp design (in classic black and silver), touch controls for seamless usage, Bluetooth 5.0, and reliable audio performance makes this one of the premier earbuds on the market today.