All You Need To Know About Dubai Museum Of Future

25 March 2022 Written by qadeer

The Museum of the Future, which officially opened its doors in late February 2022, is set to become one of the most unique attractions not only in Dubai, but in the entire world. Designed using an algorithm, it is an astonishing feat of innovation that leverages technology to deliver mind-bending experiences to visitors. In line with Dubai’s vision to project itself as a major technological hub, the museum is already hailed as a centerpiece in Dubai’s expansive list of global attractions. Let's take a closer look at what makes this museum so special.

1. An Overview

An Overview

Conceived by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the museum is part of the larger Dubai Future Foundation; which lends valuable insight into the future of mankind. The state of the art facility received the go ahead in 2015, and went into development shortly thereafter.

The lead consultants on the project, a UK based architectural house mentions that the parametric design of the structure is based on an algorithmic model, which enables specific variables to be utilized in order to alter the outcome of the final equation. In layman terms, the museum’s external framework; constituting of 2400 steel members; has  been completed using complex mathematical models.

The external structure itself resembles an eye; which is symbolic of humanity’s fervor to look towards the future and venture into the unknown; while the hole in middle represents the void – the shrouded mysteries of the universe; and the hidden truths that lie beyond. Furthermore, beautiful poetry from the ruler of Dubai in the form of calligraphy adorns the 78-meter high structure. At night, the museum will illuminate a spectrum of LED lights as far as 5 kilometers away.

2. Sustainability as a Central Theme

Sustainability as a Central Theme

Technological innovation might be the selling point of the museum; however, sustainability forms the DNA of the project. Featuring modern building control protocols, grey-water recycling systems and regenerative drive lifts – the museum’ green credentials are unsurpassed and enviable.

The building will be powered by photovoltaic solar panels located offsite; while those with electric or hybrid vehicles will be able to charge on site. Industry experts also point out that the museum will enforce restriction on single use plastic. While in the food department, only healthy, alternative proteins will be offered to visitors. The whole idea is to transform Dubai into an ecosystem that has sustainability at its core. Yet to be launched for the public, the museum has held several exhibitions in the past for thought leaders around the world. A brief description of each is provided below.

3. The Machinic Life

The Machinic Life

The Machinic Life focused on the true capabilities of sentient machines, and how they can improve our daily interactions with one another, solve complex socio-economic issues and pave way for artificial intelligence and human augmentation. The Exhibition was met with rave responses from around the world; with particular praise aimed at the interaction of robots with humans – and the co-habitability of the two.

4. Climate Change Reimagined: Dubai 2050

Climate Change Reimagined: Dubai 2050

Dubai is at the forefront of battling global warming, and this exhibition examined the 3 most pertinent factors contributing to humanity’s ecological footprint – industry, agriculture and rapid urbanization as means to transform the way we live on the planet. Visitors stepped into a futuristic utopian world where self-sufficiency, technology and biomedical advances have improved our lives drastically.

5. Humans 2.0

Humans 2.0

The most recent exhibition to take place at the museum, Human 2.0 proposes a society where humans and robots co-exist in perfect harmony - as to how the human body and mind can work in synergy to achieve milestones that were previously deemed impossible. Essentially, this is a concept which explores the possibilities of humans breaking free from the limitations of their mind and body.

6. Hi I am AI

Hi I am AI

The adoption of AI technologies in our daily lives is moving at a faster rate than expected. Hi I am I introduced visitors to a building powered and supported by artificial intelligence. The exhibition explored the various possibilities of AI aiding humans in critical industries; such as, healthcare, education, and sensitive socio-political issues.

7. Museum Of The Future Dubai Location

Museum Of The Future Dubai Location

Located on Sheikh Zayed Road, the majestic structure can be easily viewed from ther metro or while driving along the highway. Getting off at Emirates Towers Metro Station on the Red Line will take you to the museum in less than 5 minutes.

8. Final Thoughts

The Museum of Future lives up to its billing as a triumph of human spirit and progress. The facility seeks to bridge the gap between futuristic technology and the human mind to achieve transformative outcomes for the present and the future.

Later down the line, the museum plans to host hi-tech labs that will carry out research work in the fields of healthcare, education, smart cities, renewable energy, and transport.

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