9 Ways to Know Youve Found the Right Home

2 October 2023 Written by Arpan

You’ve done all the right things on the journey to the house of your dreams: you’ve scrimped, you’ve saved, you’ve sacrificed, and you’re ready to finally get that key and walk through the door. Before that, take a moment to consider that you’re actually moving into the right place. Is the area what you want? Is the house everything you’ve imagined?

There are a few ways to know that you’ve actually found the right home, the one you deserve. While you might be scared that your home will leave the market if you don’t pull the trigger right away, it’s important to understand that this massive purchase will impact you for years to come.

1. You Need To Love The Area

Even if the home of your dreams looks just like you imagined, there are caveats to the property that goes beyond the front and back doors. Your home needs to be in an area you love. It needs to fit into your daily habits and lifestyle.

The area needs to be convenient, which means the commute isn’t terrible, your shopping is nearby, and it has all the things that you enjoy doing as part of your daily life. If you have kids, your home needs to be near their schools. The area should be cozy, inviting, and safe. It should be near your friends and give you access to a bevy of activities.

2. The Home Itself Meets Your Needs

When searching for the right home, don’t stop at “good enough,” no matter how tempting. Does the house have everything you want, but one bathroom instead of two? While you might be able to imagine living with concessions, you really don’t want buyer’s remorse after purchasing a home. Make sure you cast a wide net when looking, such as utilizing Real Estate Luxury to search up homes online.

When you are planning for moving to Dubai from UK, determine all the necessary home requirements that meet your budget. Speak with your agent about what you’re looking for, making sure to use “need” instead of “want” when describing what’s important to you. Don’t step down from your minimum requirements—hold your ground against what feels right at the moment versus what you’ve really been wanting.

3. Don’t Blow Your Entire Savings

You want to keep as much money on hand as possible, and that means not blowing everything for that down payment. While you might be certain that you’ve found the right home, if it leaves you only enough money to eat, you might not enjoy your accomplishment.

Consider the additional costs. This means testing everything in the house, which includes inspecting the HVAC systems, the roofing, the plumbing, the electricity. Don’t say yes to any house that you’re not 100% confident in. Your agent shouldn’t lead you astray, but you should know the exact timeframe for replacing and fixing anything, as that responsibility carries a heavy ticket price.

4. Your Dream Home Fits Your Dream Budget

Financial experts say that your total housing cost should not be more than thirty percent of your monthly paycheck. Your monthly budget (which of course includes a variety of items beyond your mortgage) should be accounted for before you say yes to your home. When deciding on your budget, create estimates for the cost that include the mortgage, utilities, any Home Owner’s Association dues, insurance, etc. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, ask your agent what the average costs are and what atypical costs might crop up for a home in that area.

5. You Should Feel Elated

While the process of buying a home is a mixture of excitement and anxiety, the non-stop tours of new homes can also feel draining and overwhelming. When you pull up to the home that you imagine is right for you, how do you feel? You should expect some ups and downs, but when you know you’ve found the right house, you’ll feel it.

6. You Can See Yourself At Home

When you’re standing in the home that you think you like, after the tour, your imagination should be running wild. Are you imagining the furniture, the layout, the changes you’re going to make? Are you envisioning painting the walls or adding in your own decorations? Are you thinking about your bedroom, your children’s, bedrooms, your lounge area, summer barbecues, winter nights? A good sign that this home is for you is that it feels like a place you can see yourself, a place where everything feels comfortable and familiar.

7. The House Feels Like Yours Before It Is

You should have a possessive feeling when thinking about purchasing a home. After you tour the house, do you find yourself missing it? If you were to lose the bid, how would that make you feel? Typically children are a great sign of a home, whether they’re claiming rooms and imagining the living room or if they look disinterested and despondent. There should be somewhat of that childishness in your eyes, and if you see yourself living there, that’s a great indicator that it should be your space.

8. Your Home Is Your Future

When buying your home, you need to be prophetic in your thoughts about your future. Your future in this new home should be more than three or five years, but ten or fifteen. Can your family grow up there? Will you still enjoy your home after the kids have gone off to college? If you buy a house when the children are very young, you’ll want to make sure that it’s a place they’ll still enjoy when they’re teens. Depending on your generation and your needs, there might be additional accommodations necessary to meet all your home-buying criteria.

9. Consider The Home Beyond Yourself

Think about your home for your needs, your partner’s needs, your children’s needs, but also beyond the personal. If you wanted to rent out a room in your home, could you do that? Do you want to make this home a someday vacation rental or Air BnB? Will you want to eventually sell? When buying the home, consider how the area is changing. Is it going to look the same in three years, in five? Consider all the things that will affect your home and what you might want beyond the present moment, to the best of your ability.

At the end of the day, it takes a lot of thought, research, and time to find your perfect home. Don’t rush it and consider all the factors. You need to make sure the area fits your needs, such as being close to work, schools, or to appointments with your children’s local dentist. No matter what you decide, trusting your heart and your gut is most important.

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