Best Private Cinemas in Dubai

Written by Arpan Ghosh

As summer blazes on in Dubai, it is the ideal time to spend your evenings with dinner and a movie. And what could possibly be better than enjoying a film from the comfort of your own private cinema? Here are a few our favorite home cinemas in some of Dubai’s most beautiful homes. 

Six-Bed Bromellia Villa, Al Barari

Bromellia Villa Al Barari

This gorgeous eight-seater cinema sits in the basement of this lovely villa in Al Barari. With four sets of plush sofas and a relaxed neutral colour scheme, this is the ideal place to while away a summer afternoon. Afterwards, you can spend some time relaxing in the adjoining lounge and once the weather cools a bit in the evening, you might venture out to the pool deck for some sunset drinks.

Six-Bed Desert Leaf Villa, Al Barari

Desert Leaf Villa Al Barari

Al Barari makes the list again, which is no surprise - many of the villas in the community have expansive basements and a private cinema or screening room is always a popular option. You get your very own entertainment space in your home and a welcome respite from the summer heat. This cinema is designed for comfort and serenity, with a starlight ceiling and two rows of long sofas in a cosy soundproofed room. The basement also contains a stylish bar and lounge with a poker table that includes a full set of chips from Monte Carlo.

Six-Bed Villa in Sector P, Emirates Hills

Sector P Villa Emirates Hills

As one would expect from a neighbourhood like Emirates Hills, this villa exudes style and sophistication in every single room. Wood and marble finishes abound, and each living space in this splendid home is akin to a work of art. This beautiful six-seater cinema is no exception with its stately red carpeting, starlight ceiling and black leather reclining chairs. Add in a ffw tubs of popcorn and it is the perfect cinema experience right at home.

Eleven-Bed Villa on Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah D Frond Villa

This spectacular custom-built villa is located on the tip of Palm Jumeirah’s D Frond, making it one of the most exclusive homes in Dubai. Grandeur is evident in all aspects of the villa’s design, including this very professional-looking private cinema that features three rows of seating with red leather recliners, red carpeting and surround sound that creates a one-of-a-kind immersive experience. You might just believe that you’ve gone out for an evening show until the lights come back on and you remember it’s only a short walk back to the bedroom or the kitchen for a late night snack.

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