Experiencing The Best Of Dubai At Maple Villas Dubai Hills

Why is Dubai Hills Estate known as the beating heart of the city? Undoubtedly the place has a cultural dynamo that no one can resist. It is regarded as the city’s public face and is the home to a diverse range of residential and commercial properties. With high-end amenities and seamless access to some of the most well-known establishments in Dubai, Maple Villas Dubai Hills has become a prominent name in the real estate industry over the years. The cultural and artistic events and proximity to some of the most well-known global tourist attractions are just a silver lining. On the baseline, there are other reasons why Maple Hills is everyone’s all-time favorite.

Brilliantly crafted to perfection!

For those who always wanted to live in an iconic yet tranquil community with an exuberant lifestyle, Maple Villas are an exotic alternative. Situated in one of the most sought-after locations in Downtown Dubai, the place is submerged in the surrealism of suburban living. With all the perks of city living, the green landscapes surrounding the concrete jungle are like peace for the sight. There are three exclusive collections: Maple1 Maple2, and Maple3, and depending on your individual preferences, you can pick a property accordingly. 

The perfect mix of classic and contemporary

Every homeowner in Dubai craves a sense of order away from the chaos of city life. If you are one of them, this is good news for you. All the details in the property are exquisitely crafted with your demands in mind. When you set foot on your property, you can feel right at your home. Whether you want to look at the bewitching sunset after the end of the hectic day or indulge in some active golfing sessions, Maple Villas have everything for the modern homeowner of this decade. 

State-of-the-art amenities

Now, modern homes need to be a clever mix of timelessly artistic architecture and upgraded technology. Maple Villas feature the conjecture between these two. The interiors and infrastructure are impressive in every facet while the property features high-end amenities like basketball courts, tennis courts, table tennis courts, volleyball, children’s play area, convention halls, and more. In addition, the beach at Dubai Marina is just under 20 minutes from the location. You can visit it or the Kite, and Jumeirah beach, a drive away from your home. Free on the weekend or in the evening? Take a trip to the seaside solo, with your friends or your family. 

Incomparable infrastructure and facilities

How can you compare the charm of living in one of the world’s most luxurious properties with your regular lifestyle? When you sign up for a property in Maple 2 Dubai Hills Estate, you open-heartedly step into the sophisticated side of living. The cultural and artistic aspects are just a win-win, but you also get to live in a state of hypnotic awe that surrounds you with the scintillating view of Dubai’s skyline and the state-of-the-art amenities in your establishment. 

Furthermore, explore some of the finest properties in Dubai Hills.