8 Best Home Offices in Dubai

Written by Arpan Ghosh

In order to work from home effectively, it’s important to have the right kind of home office setup. You need complete privacy, plenty of light and a comfortable space where you can stay focused and be productive. These are some of the best home offices in Dubai that are perfect for the dedicated workaholics.

Home Office Dubai 1


This is an office that wouldn’t look out of place in a corporate building. Finished in wood to give it a classical and warm look but presented in a beautiful contemporary style, it is designed to impress. Sliding glass doors add another dash of sophistication while creating a seamless transition out to the living room so you can take the occasional break from work.

Home Office Dubai 2

Cayan Tower

Never have an ordinary day at work with this spectacular office located in one of Dubai’s tallest and most architecturally distinctive towers. Custom built down to the last details, it features materials, fabrics and art pieces carefully sourced from Europe and put together in a way that is functional, but also rather playful. And when you’re done for the day you can enjoy a movie in your own 4K private cinema, or you can head over to the living room where you will be treated to the most incredible sunset views.

Home Office Dubai 3


​This is a dream space for a home office. Volante has been designed with a handpicked selection of materials from around the world, including Zebrano wood from Africa and travertine stone. The result exudes modern elegance and as a bonus, looks out over a direct view of the Dubai Canal and the glittering Downtown skyline. Volante offers plenty of excellent amenities for residents including room service from the building’s signature restaurant and cafe, so your lunch breaks are sorted as well.

Home Office Dubai 4

Emirates Hills

Perhaps you would prefer something with a touch of old-world elegance to it. This office/library is awash in rich warm tones and wood finishes, and features double wooden doors so you can be assured of complete privacy as you’re working during the day, or simply settling down with a good book from your collection. The villa comes complete with plenty of leisure options including an indoor pool, where you can take a dip to unwind.

Home Office Dubai 5

Al Barari

​Al Barari is known as the greenest community in Dubai, with over 60% of its total area taken up by greenery and lakes. When you have an office as comfortable as this in your home, however, you might be forgiven for ignoring the great outdoors and spending more time at your desk. This home is also ideally equipped to meet your every need with a private cinema, basement lounge and separate buildings housing a gym and yoga studio.

Home Office Dubai 6

Al Barari

This office is located on the ground floor of the villa and has direct access to the backyard. So if you feel the need to stretch your legs during the day or need a breath of fresh air to revitalise your mind, you can do that with complete ease. It is perhaps the most simply designed of the office spaces on the list, which could be ideal if you think more ornamentation or clutter could be distracting.

Home Office Dubai 7

Palm Jumeirah

It really doesn’t get much better than an office with a sea view. Living by the water is known to ease many of life’s stresses and promote a more relaxed life, so if the day does get more hectic than you like, all you need to do is look out the window. Alternatively, you could stroll out onto the wide terrace that is accessible from the office and bask in the sun with sapphire waves rolling before you.

Home Office Dubai 8

Palm Jumeirah

​We could have a list of offices just on Palm Jumeirah, mainly because of the beautiful views you will have when you’re working from home. The sea is spread out just ahead of you and the incredible skyline of Dubai Marina rises along the horizon. Large windows ensure that you have plenty of natural light throughout the day and the internal ambience is kept to your comfort level thanks to smart home automation. This office also has the benefit of a balcony where you can relax when not working.