5 Most Creative Buildings Ready in 2018

Written by Ameena Navab
We have already looked at some of the major projects that are ready for completion in Dubai this year, but what about in other parts of the world? Here are 5 creatively designed buildings and landmarks that we look forward to seeing ready later in 2018.


1. Grand Egyptian Museum - Giza, Egypt

Grand Egyptian Museum - Giza, Egypt
Image Courtesy of Grand Egyptian Museum Facebook

The Grand Egyptian Museum, also known as the Giza Museum, is scheduled to be partially opened in 2018. It is the first museum in the world to collect and display all the artifacts that belonged to the pharaoh Tutenkhamen, and will supposedly be the largest archaeological museum in the world once construction is complete. The museum, sited approximately two kilometers from the famous Giza Pyramids, makes use of a triangular motif in its design to echo the forms of the iconic structures and is part of a new master plan for renovating the plateau.


2. Morpheus Hotel - Macau, China

Morpheus Hotel - Macau, China
Image Courtesy City of Dreams Website

Taking inspiration from the intricate designs used in ancient jade sculptures, the Morpheus Hotel is yet another stunning building designed by the late architectural legend, Dame Zaha Hadid. It features a series of voids in its center, giving it a dynamic appearance and sharing a design motif with her famous Dubai luxury apartment development. The hotel is supported by a complex exoskeleton structure, and is the first high-rise in the world to use such a technique. It will be a major highlight of the City of Dreams, Macau’s new master-planned project.

3. Lakhta Center - St. Petersburg, Russia

Lakhta Center - St. Petersburg, Russia
Image Courtesy Lakhta Center Website

The Lakhta Center is primarily a scientific complex with offices, co-working spaces and a conference centre, plus over 1500 square metres of indoor exhibition space. It will also feature leisure facilities, a sporting complex, an outdoor amphitheater and an immense 462 m tall skyscraper topped by an observation deck. It is set to be the tallest high-rise building in Russia, and the second tallest in all of Europe.

4. Nanjing Green Towers - Nanjing, China

Nanjing Green Towers - Nanjing, China
Image Courtesy Official Site of Stefano Boeri

After designing the famous Forest Towers in his native Milan, architect Stefano Boeri set about applying the same concept in China. The Nanjing Green Towers are a twin-tower commercial and entertainment complex featuring a museum, hotel, retail outlets and a rooftop club and pool. The exterior of the towers will be covered in over 3500 different kinds of plant life, ranging from tall trees to smaller plants and shrubs. This will be a significant step for the country, and indeed for the region, in reducing its carbon footprint and becoming more ecologically sustainable.

5. ARC Power Plant - Copenhagen, Denmark

ARC Power Plant - Copenhagen, Denmark
Image Courtesy of Bjarke Ingels Group

Power plants are usually plain, functional structures that are kept outside of the main city to avoid marring the urban landscape. The Amager Resource Centre, better known as ARC, charts new territory with ultramodern exterior design and an eco-friendly waste management system. Located near downtown Copenhagen, the plant will also feature a ski slope standing measuring almost 2,000 feet (and open year-round), and the world’s tallest climbing wall.

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