A look at 5 of City Walk's Best Restaurants

Written by Bethan Hurst-Haynes

From master developer Meraas and home to such well-known attractions as Green Planet and the Coca Cola Arena, City Walk is a “creative lifestyle space, built around movement, community and sharing”. The high-end architecture coupled with international, gourmet and super luxury brand offerings bring to life the aesthetic vision of “out of box thinking, with contemporary convenience”. City Walk has a lot to offer both residents and visitors and in this blog, we’ll take a look at some of its best restaurants.

Top 5 City Walk Dubai Restaurants

1. L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele 2. Said Dal 1923
3. Baku Cafe 4. Clinton Street Baking Company
5. Eggspectation

1. L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele


L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele

Positioned as a “meeting point of innovation and tradition, experience and passion”, L’Antica Pizzeria had an incredible history before it reached Dubai. Founded in Naples, it has over 150 years of heritage behind it, boosted by endorsements from multiple celebrities. Perhaps the best known of these is Julia Roberts, who filmed scenes for her 2010 film Eat, Pray, Love in the original location.

Located in The Courtyard at City Walk, the Dubai outlet is one of 11 international outposts and promises a “culinary journey of authentic Italian cuisine”. The menu is small, but perfectly formed with freshly made pizzas fired to order. The red-domed wood oven is the centrepiece of the open kitchen, where you can see the chefs crafting each meal with care. The restaurant is bright and airy, with plenty of seating inside. There are also tables outside the front of the restaurant (but still inside the covered courtyard) and an outside terrace to the side for the cooler months.

Reservations aren’t required, but if you need to speak to the restaurant you can contact them on 04 224 0040. We highly recommend the Genova pizza, paired with a glass of homemade peach iced tea. Buon appetito!

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2. Said Dal 1923


Said Dal 1923

On approach, Said Dal 1923 appears to be ‘just’ a chocolate boutique and whilst it certainly is that, it’s also so much more. Their seasonal menu of reimagined classics includes breakfasts, pasta and mouth-watering desserts. Step left past the pralines, chocolate bars and dragees (all available per piece or in gorgeously-wrapped gift boxes) and the restaurant opens up in front of you. The industrial aesthetic with dark grey tones is beautifully offset by splashes of colour, and gleaming glass cabinets framing the selection of confections that draw the eye.

Said Dal 1923 was founded over 100 years ago in Rome, by Aldo de Mauro and is now helmed by his grandchildren. Its mission is based on their “passion to satisfy the pickiest of taste buds in a magical ambience”. Their City Walk branch most certainly does that - the decor and delectable menu promises a great experience and the friendly, attentive customer service delivers it. Located in The Courtyard, you can contact Said Dal 1923 on 04 386 6644.

3. Baku Cafe


Baku Cafe

An Azerbaijani eatery, Baku Cafe is decorated in a traditional style with nods to the country's cultural history for an immersive atmosphere and dining experience. Lamb is a mainstay of the menu, featured in kebabs and tandoors with dishes cooked and presented in traditional clay and copper pots. Desserts are sticky, sweet and syrupy - make sure to try the Pakhlava (the Azerbaijani take on baklava - layers of crisp filo pastry with nuts and syrup).

The kitchen team is led by Head Chef Vagur Dadashov who is mindful of his cultural roots whilst applying modern techniques to create “a kaleidoscope of freshness”. If you need any more reason to visit Baku Cafe, here it is: The ruler of Dubai, his Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has been spotted eating here! Located in The Square of City Walk, you can call Baku Cafe on 04 299 9081.

4. Clinton Street Baking Company


Clinton Street Baking Company

Started as a simple bakery in New York, Clinton Street Baking Company was founded by husband and wife team Neil Kleinberg and Dede Lahman. Their mission was to sell the “best baked goods in small batches” but as word of their incredible creations spread, so their business grew.

Neil has won the title of “New York’s best blueberry pancakes” twice and their American classics, served with a Southern twist, are now available in Dubai. They are best known for their fried chicken and waffle combo, as well as their pancake stacks but we can confidently say everything on their menu is good! As well as dine-in, they also offer takeaway and if you want to recreate the experience at home, pick up a copy of the Clinton Street cookbook! For more details, you can call them on 04 344 0705 or head straight to the restaurant which can be found on The Boulevard at City Walk.

5. Eggspectation



Also on The Boulevard is Eggspectation with a menu that is (as you might guess) egg-focused. That’s not all they’re known for however, and they’ve most definitely ‘cracked’ the code with a diverse menu that features juices, pancakes and their signature items. These include 11 different types of eggs benedict such as classic, chicken and lobster plus “great eggspectation” plates such as steak and eggs and chicken waffles.

Started in Montreal, in 1993, Eggspectation celebrates its customer friendly culture and passionate reverence for all things breakfast-related. The City Walk location is not the only branch in Dubai - check out their JBR restaurant too (but be prepared to wait on weekends as it gets busy). You can call the City Walk outlet on 04 240 6877.

As well as vibrant leisure, retail and dining options, plus an excellent location in proximity to all major areas of Dubai, City Walk has an abundance of beautiful residences finished to an excellent standard. If you’re considering making the area your home, please speak to one of our Area Specialists for the very best selection of available properties.