Best Way To Invest Money In Dubai Real Estate 2022-23

Written by Roshal Mascarenhas
“Only buy something that you’d be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years.” - Warren Buffet

The wise words of Warren Buffet surpass the futile attempts of eroding time. However, you must only worry about the market, if the one you’re looking to invest in is not as stable and booming as Dubai’s. Statistics say that more than $1 trillion are expected to enter the Dubai real estate market in terms of investment, and the numbers speak volumes.. For luxury property buyers, the real estate market can be compared to a frozen lake with variety of fish under the thin ice. All that the keen buyer has to do is know his/her way around that thin slate of ice. Metaphors aside, there are simple steps that you can take to simply make the wise decision of investing your money in Dubai. These 5 steps are all that you need to not only check if you’re investing right, but also whether you’re ready to take that plunge will only bring you sweet rewards.

5 Things To Know Before Buying Property In Dubai

When looking to purchase property in Dubai, there are a number of important factors to consider in order to make the best decision for your needs. Following are the things you should consider before investing in Dubai Real Estate.

Step 01: Define Your Objective

For most investors, return on investment matters most, whether through annual yield or long term capital gain. You’re in for good news if you’ve decided to invest in property in Dubai. The real estate market has plenty of room to accommodate the first time buyer as comfortably as someone who has made their luxury home in Dubai.

​Points To Consider Before Investing In Dubai


Step 02: Location, Location, Location

The thumb rule in real estate: Never underestimate the power of a great location. True, it does come with a hefty price tag, but hey - you’re as concerned about the Return On Investment (ROI) as anybody else investing. It is almost a direct correlation really - the better the address, the higher the ROI. For example: luxury property buyers in Dubai know that prime properties in Dubai come with their own set of plush amenities, and a whole list of great opportunities for a better lifestyle. As a result of which, their prime look out is to have a luxury property on a location that’s convenient for them, and at the same time has all the benefits of a great home. It often becomes difficult to choose but what really helps investors to zero down is step number three. 

Step 03: Research and Analyze Market Stats

As mentioned earlier, it is difficult to pick one singular location, when the array of options are so tempting! In order to counter that, and to get the best for your investment, start your own research. Start reading up on investment patterns, current trends, and predictions. More importantly, as Dubai’s skyline keeps adding to its glamorous list of concrete artistry, research on the location you are keen on buying a property at. Newer projects often look to appease the investor with an appetite. The more you research, the more insight you derive into the giant of a market that is, real-estate. 

Expenditure Vs Investment

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Step 04: Expenditure vs Investment

Once you’ve done your apples-to-apples comparison on the number of properties, and the research of the market, you’ll need to peek into your own spending and saving patterns, and then add some math to it. The foolproof way of getting that magic number that you can invest is pretty easy. Based on why you’re investing (refer step one) the two formulas as below will be your guiding light:

For those looking to invest and then give up their property for rent: The rent you’re expecting to get (minus) cost maintenance, taxes, insurance, repairs, etc = your cash flow. 

Consult The Best Real Estate Agent


Step 05: Consult the Best Real Estate Agent

Making the best of your investment is what you’re really chasing, and the best real estate brokers know their way around the market. For luxury property buyers, you can reap benefits by just placing a call to us. Understanding your needs is of premium importance to us and our team of determined Private Client Advisors will only guide you to what’s best for you. Once that’s sorted - congratulations, you’re well on your way to multiplying your investment value.

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