Best Japanese Restaurants in Dubai

Written by Muhammad Qadeer

Japanese cuisine has always been revered for its delightful subtle flavour, health benefits and beautiful presentation. However, this is not without its caveats; because a lot of the dishes are notoriously hard to prepare and only an experienced chef can put together a Japanese delicacy.

As diverse as Dubai is, it comes as no surprise that there is a healthy demand for Japanese cuisine. While there are plenty of places that claim to offer authentic Japanese cuisine, very few can match up to their billing. In this blog, we have compiled the list of the best Japanese restaurants in the city. Let’s go.

Top 5 Japanese Restaurants in Dubai

1. Zuma 2. Nobu 3. Tomo
4. Akira Back 5. Netsu

1. Zuma


When it comes to authentic Japanese cuisine in a luxurious ambiance, no restaurant can top Zuma. Whether you are fond of Japanese food or not, Zuma should be visited at least once just for the experience. Spearheaded by master chef Rainer Becker, the place is laid out over two levels - with a swanky bar lounge on the upper level and a sophisticated dining room on the ground floor. From the incredible service and the flavorsome dishes on offer - everything is top-notch. 

2. Nobu


Another globally recognized name on the list is Nobu; a brainchild of acclaimed Nobu Matsuhisa, this chic restaurant’s name is synonymous with the Black cod - as there aren’t many places that can prepare the dish with such finesse. The restaurant has actually helped amplify the popularity of Japanese food in Dubai and brought people from different taste palates to the fold of Japanese cuisine. 

3. Tomo


Tomo in Japanese translates to a long-time friend - referring to the restaurant’s ambition to be the go-to place for friends and family. As a constant fan favorite, Tomo is located adjacent to the pyramids of Raffles in Umm Hurair - with the rooftop setting providing a stunning view of Burj Khalifa to the diners. The restaurant sources all its ingredients from native Japan to offer a truly memorable fine dining experience. Their standout dish is the rainbow maki - a type of sushi filled with cucumbers, avocados, and crab sticks that will hit your culinary senses unlike anything else.

4. Akira Back

Akira Back

Internationally acclaimed chef Akira Back lends his name to this five-star Japanese restaurant that serves up tantalizing dishes; such as the timeless miso-marinated black cod done on a robata grill. Furthermore, the restaurant also has a curated plant-based menu offering flavoursome dishes such as edamame risotto, beyond Meat tacos and roasted cauliflower. But their star dish is without doubt the Horenso Shira AE - a meticulously crafted main course comprising tofu and seaweed salad served with fresh vegetables and garnished with pomegranate seeds. Akira Back is located at W Dubai, on the Palm.

5. Netsu


Netsu is the creation of renowned international chef Ross Shonhan - of London’s Flesh and Buns fame. This swanky steakhouse showcases the unique, traditional Japanese cooking technique of Warayaki - which is essentially straw-fire cooking resulting in a selection of dishes that are cooked to utter perfection. Netsu offers a range of sushi, sashimi platters, wagyu truffles, and other traditional dishes. Also on offer is a wide selection of Japanese-inspired cocktails. 

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