Here's what living inside Burj Khalifa is like

Written by Roshal Mascarenhas
A land of dreams, of countless opportunities and certainly a place where the word impossible does not exist, Dubai is a city which has time and again shone bright among those who challenged it. With a bedazzling array of luxurious experiences, Dubai is the one place that outdoes itself and proves that it is here that luxury living gets its true meaning.

In 2004, Dubai envisioned a dream that no one had even dared to dream of until that day. Excavation work began on what would now be called ‘The World’s Tallest Building’. Today, the gleaming beacon of steel stands tall in the heart of Dubai with 163 floors of pure architectural brilliance. The Burj Khalifa has gained for itself a handsome chunk of popularity since then for its structural magnificence. With a total height of 829.84 metres, The Burj Khalifa is a stunning piece of art adorning the skyline of chic Dubai.  Some of the awe-inspiring accolades include it being named ‘the tallest free-standing structure in the world’, ‘highest observation deck in the world’, ‘tallest service elevator in the world’ and ‘the highest occupied floor in the world’. This year as it turns 8 years old, let’s take a look into the exemplary lifestyle of the residents of this resplendent property.
For the passionate connoisseur of all things beautiful and artistic, one can choose between studios, single, double, triple and/or four bedroom suites. The residences are located from levels 19 to 108, rendering a different high of life as you live further up. The residents get access to indoor-outdoor swimming pools, Jacuzzis, recreation room for gatherings and events, a resident’s library, cigar club, Burj Khalifa Gourmet Market, and valet parking for residents and visitors. There is also a four-storey health club that takes up a sprawling 22,000 sq ft of space.
However it is when the sun sets that the true bliss of living here starts to sink in. Absolutely serene and by all means a regal side of Dubai by night, the residents of the Burj Khalifa are the lucky few to experience it right from their home. The way the sun delicately warms up the house, the manner in which your home seems to welcome you seems as if you just walked into a whole new world. But, the view’s not the only aspect of the residences that one can be envious about.
Every detail makes this luxury penthouse a tasteful cocoon of warmth. The security though must have a special mention here. While buying a penthouse in The Burj Khalifa, security and safety is the prime concern of every homeowner. Along with 24 hour camera surveillance, the Burj Khalifa is protected by a proprietary security system a whole posse of well-trained security professionals who ensure that the occupants of the Burj Khalifa have utmost privacy and peace of mind. At all times, the elevators and the entry and exit points are manned by trained personnel, making the Burj Khalifa the most polished fortress ever.
While talking about the tech aspect of the world’s tallest building, one must note that all the luxury homes here have the most advanced smart home system. The lighting, temperature and even home access can be controlled by the residents themselves. They also offer access to a variety of services including viewing statements of accounts, paying service fees all within secure online access.

All in all, the residents of the penthouses within The Burj Khalifa lead a life that’s so luxurious that it has the ability to make the best of us green with envy.