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Easytruck - Making Your Next Move Seamless

Written by Arpan Ghosh

Moving into a new home is always exciting as you settle in to start a new chapter in your life and acclimate yourself with the neighbourhood. However, the actual move is without a doubt the worst part of that process. From arranging boxes and coordinating with movers to ensuring that all of your fragile goods are being transported properly and that nothing gets lost on the way, you might begin to think you’re better off staying where you are. And in a city like Dubai, choosing the right moving company is no easy task - and often the company that is offering a ‘great deal’ tends to offer a discount in service as well as cost. The founders of Easytruck Moving & Storage were all too aware of the headache that new homeowners and tenants face, which is why they decided to create a better moving solution.

An Easier Move

An Easier Move

Easytruck is an award-winning moving company that manages every step of your move from start to finish without you having to lift a finger. The company employs a highly trained and qualified staff of movers, who help you in packing away all of your belongings, from the clothing in your wardrobe to electronics items and the daintiest glassware. All of your furniture is skilfully dismantled, televisions are packed securely in custom TV boxes, and food and perishables are stored in coolers. Once everything has been transported, they will also help you to unpack all of your items and put them away, and will reassemble everything that was taken apart. Through a partnership with maintenance firm Hitches & Glitches, you will also benefit from the services of licensed electricians, plumbers and handymen to reconnect all of your electronics items and appliances, to put up lights, and even to install shelves or hang up paintings. The end result is  a seamless transition from your old house to your new home. And as a bonus, you get a free meal - Easytruck has also partnered with Freedom Pizza to have a free pizza delivered to you on the completion of your move.

And it doesn’t stop there - Easytruck also has a partnership with Maison Privee, providing fully furnished and serviced accommodations for the short term. If you need a place to stay between moves, that option is available to you as well.

Plenty of Storage
Plenty of Storage 2

Plenty of Storage

Not planning to move just yet? Or do you have more belongings in your home or office than you know what to do with? Easytruck also provides a variety of storage options.

Self-storage: You can drive over to any of their 8 warehouses to pack and store your items in a secure custom-built storage POD.

Mobile POD: This option saves you the trouble of a drive - a moving truck will come to your home or place of business, pack everything up in a pod, then deliver it to the warehouse.

miniPOD: Storage on demand if you are only planning to store items for the short-term, or you just want to clean up some clutter.

On-site storage: You can also opt to have the POD kept outside your home or office for as long as you need complete with a weatherproof cover to withstand the elements. It’s an ideal choice if you need to store furniture or other items for a big event at or near the venue. They even provide special business storage packages for small businesses.

How it All Started

How it All Started

Easy Truck began life as a man and his van, transporting a limited number of goods. It was, to be fair, the sort of company that might seem a bit suspect if you didn’t know what you were getting into. But the company was focused on delivering top-notch service and an excellent customer experience, which helped it to grow considerably during its first year of operation. More drivers were added, and the van was swapped out for a small fleet of branded trucks. It is now a leading provider of moving and storage services known for providing a top-notch customer experience. It is one of the best options when you are moving to your new home.

Before you move, however, you will first need to find the ideal home for you. That’s where we come in. Browse through our property listings to discover some of the finest homes in Dubai and contact our Private Client Advisory team to learn more about them. Once you have found the right place for you, signed the deal and are ready to move, give Easytruck a call.