Bromellia in Al Barari - The Best Contemporary Villa in Dubai

Written by Arpan Ghosh
Luxury takes many forms and is very much in the eye of the beholder. In terms of design, luxury brings to mind ornate gold chandeliers dripping with crystals, rich leather armchairs that are almost too precious to actually sit in, or perhaps priceless and one-of-a-kind paintings adorning every wall. For others, luxury is more spatial, and involves cavernous living rooms or full-floor bedrooms. This stunning Bromellia villa, located in the central Dubai community of Al Barari, transcends all subjective notions of luxury with an exterior and interior design that is nothing short of breathtaking. 

Spread over an immense 19,000 square foot plot, this awe-inspiring family home has been fully upgraded and features interior design courtesy of renowned Italian brands such as Visionnaire, Fendi and Minotti. Plush carpeting covers the living areas, sleek columns adorn the hallways and each of the six elegantly appointed bedrooms contains expansive walk-in closets and custom-crafted cabinetry.
“I would consider this to be the finest villa in Dubai. This luxury villa for sale in Dubai is defined by the attention to detail in every aspect of its design,” says Managing Director of, which is marketing the villa. “From designer interiors and bespoke furniture to the most comprehensive and home automation and A/V system of any property in Dubai, this villa truly is a masterpiece.”

The house contains a total of three kitchens, each with a unique bespoke design, custom fittings and countertops that are as much objets d’art as they are work spaces. Other highlights include a home gym so sophisticated that it looks like it ought to come with a monthly subscription, and not one but two 4K cinemas – one in the master bedroom and one in a private theatre room that is also equipped with 7.1 surround sound. It’s tempting to make every night movie night.  

If you’re in a more outdoorsy mood, or just want to enjoy the lovely weather while it lasts, you can head up to the expansive roof deck. Featuring a very cosy lounge with designer seating, a built-in kitchen, fully integrated audio systems, dining areas and a barbecue area, it is the ultimate venue for a weekend soiree. 

The backyard infinity pool is perhaps the defining feature of the property, spanning 20 metres and encircled by gorgeous landscaping, stunning water features and custom-designed lighting. Lounge seating is spread out around the perimeter of the pool, including a sunken seating area with a fire pit and a covered dining space.

Every aspect of the villa’s ambient control, from temperature to lighting, is controlled by Crestron smart home technology, and it is fully equipped with a state-of-the-art security system that includes more than 16 cameras installed around the property. They can all be controlled centrally via iPad, making it easier than ever to keep an eye on the safety of your home. Such a complete smart home system is hard to find anywhere in Dubai, and indeed should serve as a template for all homeowners looking to upgrade their homes.

The villa is surrounded by abundant greenery, which adds another element of privacy, and provides a very scenic backdrop. In fact, over 60% of Al Barari’s landscape is green, which means that as you look out over the neighbourhood from the balcony or roof deck, you are bound to see more treetops than you will rooftops. The greenness of Al Barari doesn’t just lie in its foliage, however. A number of environment-friendly initiatives, from water treatment and recycling to solar harvesting and waste composting, help to keep the community sustainable as well as beautiful.

In addition to caring for the environment, Al Barari also looks after the wellbeing of its residents, providing a trio of world-class facilities for their health and nutritional needs. The most well-known of the three is The Farm, a gourmet restaurant that uses the freshest organic ingredients to create dishes that are full of both taste and goodness. The Body Language gym and Heart & Soul spa are the two other cornerstones of the community, offering a fitness and wellness experience like no other place in the city.
Al Barari is in the very centre of Dubai and is well-connected to the city’s other major districts, including Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina. However, if you find yourself to live in Al Barari villas such as the one at Bromellia, one wonders if you might ever feel inclined to leave home at all.

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