The 8 Most Expensive Handbags in The World

4 April 2024 Written by Staff Writer

Forget smiles: in the twenty teens you’re never fully dressed without a handbag. From classic shoulder bags and totes to red carpet-worthy clutches and minis, there are enough options out there to fill a private jet hanger, let alone your walk-in wardrobe. If you’re having trouble cherry picking your next piece of arm apparel, here’s a round-up of the world's most expensive handbags from the autumn/winter 2023 collection.
1. Bellevue Media, Loro Piana
The name of this bag translates as nice view and it’s easy to see why. It comes in soft sage or autumn leaves colours and it features military precision stitching and a subtle symmetry in its design. Sight isn’t the only sense that this shopping bag stirs, though. Made from ostrich leather, with a nappa leather lining, it’s cushion-soft to touch. Every Bellevue Media bag is born in Italy, but they can be shipped around the world. The price for this piece is $12,450, thought it's far from the most expensive handbag on this list.
2. Skull Sanctus, Judith Leiber
Judith Leiber handbags are headline makers. The most recent edition to have captured the attention of the press and the paparazzi is the Lipstick Seductress – the lipstick-shaped, gem-studded bag that Kylie Jenner wore to the latest VIP party hosted by Beverly Hills make-up brand Anastasia. These handbags are not for wallflowers. They’re designed to make a statement. The top option in the latest range is the Skull Sanctus – a skull-shaped clutch made from handset crystals and semi-precious stones. It’s currently on sale at $6,295.

3. Double Sens 36, Hermes

Understated and elegant is the best way to describe Hermes’ Double Sens 36. It’s available in two subtle colours – the vert de gris option is an earthy brown with a similar lining and the pelouse tundra version is an olive green with a pecan lining. It’s made from upper-echelon materials like Mississippiensis alligator leather and Sikkim calfskin. It’s also embossed discretely with the Hermes logo. Both options are priced at $30,400.

4. Flap Bag, Chanel

New for autumn/winter 2020/21 this Flap Bag looks like it’s ready for its winter hibernation. You won’t want to hide it away, of course. It’s embroidered with chunky woollen leaves in two colour choices – pink, red and grey or burgundy, orange, yellow and green. Whichever one you choose you’ll have a bag that embodies the turning of the seasons on the continent – think tumbling leaves, log fires and mulled drinks. Both options are available for $9,624.

5. Positano Tote Red Alligator, Lana Marks

Lana Marks designs bags with princesses and presidents’ wives in mind. One of the latest items in her collection is the Positano Tote Red Alligator. In Santa-red, this bag is ideal for the festive season. It even has a Santa-style buckle around the middle. Yuletide aside, though, this glossy red tote would be a spotlight stealer all year round. It’s currently available for $19,890.

6. Twist MM, Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton has gone all candy coloured for the autumn/winter season. Even its classic monogram bags now come with a lollipop-pink leather tag. One of the most inimitable pieces this season, however, has to be the Twist MM clutch. Its designers have taken their inspiration from Louis Vuitton’s travel trunk designing heritage, so it comes with kooky travel sticker embellishment. This dinky bag also comes with a pint-sized price, as far as designer bags go. It’s yours for an affordable $3,483.
7. Rajah Medium Crocodile Shoulder Bag, Gucci
The stand out piece from Gucci’s autumn winter collection is undisputedly the Rajah Medium Crocodile Shoulder Bag. Available for pre-order only, it costs $19,571. The period you must wait to receive this piece will no doubt give you time to decide whether you want to wear it or frame it, since it’s such a looker. Available in teal, white, burgundy and dark green leather, it features a striking tiger’s head close to the clasp that’s decorated with crystals and coloured enamel. The fierce motif is inspired by a vintage brooch by Hattie Carnegie—a legendary jewellery and fashion designer from the 1920's to 1950's.

8. Gate Small Bag, Loewe

At first glance, the Gate Small Bag looks like a freshly wrapped present. This white leather cross body bag features a knotted red leather bow across its front. It’s made from superior materials like soft calfskin and features a gold suede lining. Price wise, it’s no more than a stocking filler at an affordable $1,806.

9. The Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Pearl Purse

The most expensive handbag in the world in 2022-23 - worth the wait…
Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Pearl Purse
If you don’t feel like the above are grand enough, you should keep an eye on auction sites to see when the Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Pearl Purse comes up for sale again. Last sold through Christies Hong Kong for more than $3.8 million in October 2017, this bag holds a Guinness World Record for being the most expensive in the world. It’s handcrafted from 18-karat gold and incorporates 4,517 diamonds (105 yellow, 56 pink, and 4,356 colourless diamonds).