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Remote Work Visa Dubai - How to Apply and What is Required

23 February 2021 Written by Staff Writer

It had been predicted for some time that remote working would become a more common part of our lives in the future. Only a few months into 2021, that prediction came true at an alarming pace, as the entire world shifted to working from home. For many people around the world, that continues to be the new normal. Keeping this in mind, the UAE government launched a brand new visa programme late last year - the remote working visa.

Remote Work Visa

1. Why Work Remotely in Dubai? 2. Who is Eligible 3. Benefits of Remote Working
Dubai with This Unique Visa

The remote working visa is designed for overseas professionals who are employed in their country of origin on a remote working basis, and would like to enjoy an extended stay in the UAE while continuing to work. The visa has a validity of 1 year, after which it can be renewed for the same period. Families can be covered under this visa as well, and will be able to enjoy all of the benefits that are available to UAE residents.

Why Work Remotely in Dubai?
Why work remotely in Dubai

Quite simply, Dubai is one of the most exciting destinations in the world. The city offers world-class shopping, dining with a Michelin star pedigree, globally renowned attractions, and much more. And of course, there is the lack of taxes (aside from a flat 5% VAT on certain commodities and services), which is always a key selling point for expatriates. If you want to work remotely while feeling like you’re on a yearlong vacation, this is the place to be.

Who is eligible for the remote work visa

Who is Eligible for the Remote Work Visa in Dubai?

In order to qualify for the remote work visa in Dubai, individual employees need to fulfill the following criteria:

  1. A passport with a minimum validity of 6 months
  2. Health insurance that has UAE coverage
  3. Proof of employment from a current employer with a contract that is valid for at least one year
  4. A minimum salary of $5,000, supported by the payslip for the past month and bank statements from the past 3 months
Remote Work Visa in UAE

For company owners who want to avail of the vis, the criteria are as follows:

  1. Proof of ownership of the company for at least one year

  2. Average monthly income of $5,000, supported by bank statements from the past 3 months

Applications can be done online and will undergo a full review before they are processed. The program costs $287 per person, in addition to the cost of medical insurance and processing fees.

What are the Benefits of Having A Dubai Remote Work Visa?

benefits of having a remote working visa

Holders of the remote working visa will have access to all of the benefits and facilities that UAE residents enjoy. This includes the ability to sign up for essential services such as telecommunications and utilities, and the ability to enrol your children in Dubai schools.

Whether you are in the city for only a few months or you spend the entire year, the benefit will be the same. This programme is also an excellent way to take your first steps towards residency in Dubai as it gives you a fuller experience of what it is like to live here than you would get with a standard tourist visa. It is also a great ‘starter’ option, allowing you to live in the city for a year while you sort out a permanent living arrangement, including a new home. And once you are ready to relocate, the groundwork has already been laid.