Palm Jumeirahs New Nakheel Mall 2024

11 September 2023 Written by Staff Writer

Nakheel Mall is a must visit in 2023, located at the centre of the Palm’s trunk. Having cost AED1.2 billion to build and with a total retail floor area spreading over 4.5 million square feet, Nakheel Mall delivers day-to-night fun-packed adventures and enhanced shopping experiences through major attractions and an eclectic collection of brands.

The mall is home to over 350 stores, restaurants, entertainment venues, and services that take centre stage over five floors, including a 15-screen movie theatre complex and other attractions. It also offers a variety of daily services like banks, medical and fitness facilities, and tailoring shops.
Nakheel Mall has its own Palm Monorail station, a 25-metre-high crystal dome centrepiece straddling the complex. It also adjoins The Palm Tower and provides access to The View at The Palm, one of the tallest observation decks in the world standing 240 m high and offering breathtaking 360-degree panoramas of the archipelago, the city, and the sea.

​Below we look at some major attractions that Nakheel Mall has in store, such as the rooftop plaza with its fabulous Soho Garden, The View that connects the mall to the most iconic views across the city, the Eatery food courts, and the newly launched GAME OVER Escape Rooms

Inside Nakheel Mall’s Top Attractions

The one-stop entertainment destination welcomes millions every year with first-class new concepts in shopping and leisure.
From dinner dates at fine dining restaurants and entertaining the kids at indoor amusement centre Fabyland, or a night at the movies in Vox Cinema, the mall provides on-the-doorstep convenience for Palm’s residents and visitors.
​Nakheel Mall Rooftop Plaza is home to al fresco fine dining restaurants amid spectacular views stretching out over The Palm, sea, and Dubai skyline. The rooftop area offers designated places for dining, relaxing, dancing, and entertainment.

Soho Garden

Being Dubai’s first nightlife destination located inside a mall, Soho Garden presents an avant-garde fusion of indoor and outdoor entertainment. The Garden’s seductive blend of elegance and sophistication is complemented by the golden sunsets taking centre stage at the venue’s outdoor lounge where you can treat yourself to a lavish meal and delectable cocktails.
Following on from the success of the first Soho Garden in the Meydan district, the Palm Jumeirah outpost brings all the vibrant energy of London’s clubs to Dubai. Spanning 8,000 square metres over Nakheel Mall's rooftop, it has quickly become one of Dubai’s most coveted nightlife venues.
​The food menu is continuously reinventing itself with the help of the culinary team led by chef Paul Garcia, so you can expect high quality and a unique range of gourmet delights. Soho Garden is emerging as a social phenomenon on the Dubai glam scene, a place of discovery that offers a distinctive mix of dining, lounging, and electrifying fun.

Tresind Studio

Located on the East Wing Rooftop of the mall, near The View, Tresind Studio is an award-winning Indian restaurant with a stylish contemporary touch.
The intimate setting features a seating capacity of only 20 people where diners are taken through a show of mouth-watering dishes and a transitional tasting menu by Chef Himanshu Saini.
The restaurant’s distinctive style highlights a grand open kitchen where the culinary mastermind chef and his team take centre stage to deliver art on a plate.
You can watch their culinary magic unfolding under your very own eyes, an experience that will elevate your perception of Indian cuisine and take your appetite to a whole new level.
​Once sated with food delicacies, you can take a tour of the 5,000 square feet outdoor garden, developed by a partnership with a local organic farm where you can enjoy the lounge area and al fresco space.

The View at The Palm

Set on the 52nd floor of Palm Tower, this stunning observation deck stands 240 metres above the island. As you make your way into the interactive elevator taking you to the 52nd floor for The View, you will be treated to a 360-degree interactive experience thanks to the screens on the ceiling, walls, and floor.
There is also a gallery and museum inside the roof plaza, both relating the story behind the creation of Palm Jumeirah, often referred to as the eighth wonder of the world.
Reaching the 52nd floor at the observatory will transport you to new heights with unmatched views over the Persian Gulf, Dubai's skyline, Bluewaters Island, and Ain Dubai.
​The observation deck has a reserved area for private events and a VIP lounge as well as The View Café where the spectacle of vistas over Dubai continues with a nice cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Trampo Extreme Trampoline Park

The trampoline park inside the mall is a children’s delight, the perfect playground to kick start energy levels for the little ones with a range of 16 various jump activities and tons of trampolines.
Children can look forward to adrenaline-pumping adventures with 1,200 square metres of play space spread across three levels. The venue’s new location at Nakheel Mall features the largest indoor caving facility in the world, replete with hidden rooms, slides, interactive wall climbing, a playful dodgeball zone, and secret treasures.
Families and kids can also enjoy the largest soft play area in the region. The area is conceptualised based on different cities around the world and is a genuine reflection of the multicultural society in the United Arab Emirates.
​To top it all off, the trampoline park is given a new dimension every minute through the fluorescent design and colour-changing lighting.

GAME OVER Escape Rooms and Board Game Café

GAME OVER is actually where the game truly begins.
The mall has recently launched an unparalleled entertainment experience, complementing its portfolio of retail and leisure with Game Over Escape Rooms and Board Game Café.
Spread over 11,000 square feet on the second floor, the venue welcomes players over the age of eight, combining cutting-edge technology with 11 meta-escape rooms, 12 escape rooms, VR headsets, and a board game café with the latest titles for board game lovers.
The Game Over Escape Rooms, which are perfect for families, thrill-seekers, and horror lovers, were created by experienced film set designers and animators.

​Nakheel Mall is a luxury destination and a flagship on Palm Jumeirah, celebrating Dubai’s creativity and ambition and serving us with unforgettable experiences since its opening in 2019.