New Year Celebrations Around the World

30 December 2021 Written by Staff Writer

New Year is the most celebrated holiday around the world - bringing together people from all walks of life to bid farewell to the bygone year and celebrate new beginnings. Different people celebrate New Year’s arrival differently - and in this blog we look at some of the most unique ways people celebrate new year around the world.

New Year Celebrations In Different Countries

1. Miami, USA 2. Venice, Italy 3. Reykjavik, Iceland
4. Dubai, United Arab Emirates 5. Goa, India 6. Vienna, Austria
7. Sydney, Australia

1. Miami - New Year Celebration In USA

New Year Celebration In USA

Miami is well known as the sunshine city of the US. With its exotic beaches and vibrant neighbourhoods (look no further than Little Havana), the city is the place to be for New Year’s Eve. Witness the stunning fireworks in South Beach and Bayfront Park or indulge in a decadent New Year feast in one of the many exotic eateries located along the shores of Miami. For an even better experience, book a yacht tour to see fireworks over Miami’s skyline and enjoy a lively musical evening with top-tier hospitality, delectable food and a selection of fine drinks. For those who find bliss in nature and street food, Miami is arguably the place to be in the US during New Year’s Eve.

2. Venice - New Year Celebration In Italy

New Year Celebration In Italy

The floating city is arguably one of the most stunning municipalities in the world. With its picturesque landscapes, incredible waterfront residences, gondola rides, pre-historic bridges and carnival celebrations, there is no place like Venice to be on New Year’s Eve. The essence of Venice is best captured in the numerous boats sailing on the canals, offering classic Venetian delicacies to patrons. Another destination popular among new year party-goers is the La Fenice Opera House that welcomes the new year in the form of classical concerts and displays of art pieces. Venice is one of the most beautiful cities to spend New Year’s Eve on with your significant other or friends; since the city is home to some truly breathtaking sights.

3. Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland has long been referred to as the hidden gem of Europe. The land of fire and ice celebrates new year in an unusual fashion where locals purchase fireworks from the ICE-SAR, the nation’s search and rescue unit with the sky exploding off in a myriad of colours at midnight. Other fascinating experiences include, daring mountain expeditions overlooking fireworks, the stunning aurora of Northern Lights and Whale watching. A rather peculiar New Year’s Eve celebration is of fire engines, and passing ships at Reykjavik ring their bells and blow their horns to welcome the new year.

4. Dubai - New Year's Eve In United Arab Emirates

Dubai has over the years become the city of superlatives. From the tallest buildings and the swankiest restaurants to waterfront residences and a vibrant nightlife scene - the city has it all. To welcome the new year, the most popular place to be is in the Downtown area - from where one can catch the dazzling fireworks over the Burj Khalifa and the surrounding areas. Moreover, you can book a reservation at one of the many beachfront delis that serve up an array of stunning dishes as well as vistas of the ocean and the glittering fireworks spread across the sky.

5. Goa - New Year Celebration In India

Goa is India’s answer to Miami due to its pristine beaches, verdant landscapes and tropical weather all year round. As India’s party destination, one can find a plethora of beach parties, nightclubs, casinos and hotels, the city is chock-full of beautiful sights. If you are traveling with your better half, one of the best new year experiences includes the hippie-inspired Full Moon New Year’s Eve party in the suburbs of the city. Shake a leg to the tunes of EDM, and indulge in delicious food exotic cocktails.

6. Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria

Often slipping under the radar, Vienna is right up there with some of the most charming cities in Europe with lively marketplaces, marvelous architecture and Baroque-era Cathedrals, the Austrian capital holds week long Christmas fairs in popular tourist attractions such as the Silversterpfad - where people can enjoy immersive audio and visual performances by artists within the old city center. Hordes of people come together for the countdown just before midnight and enjoy the scintillating display of fireworks that light up the horizon. Another popular New Year’s Eve attraction in Vienna is the Silversterball (Hofburg Palace) experience, which hosts a lavish New Year’s Eve Ball; with guests dressing to the nines, waltzing to ethereal live music and sipping the finest champagnes Europe has to offer.

7. Sydney - New Year Celebration In Australia

New Year Celebration In Australia

Sydney by far has the grandest display of fireworks on New Year’s Eve - seen all the way from Tasmania to Tumbuktu as well as people from all over the globe glued to their screens to catch the sky light up in a kaleidoscope of colours. One of the best experiences one can have is to book a place on the Sydney 2000 cruise. The vessel, brimmed with luxury will provide live concerts, exquisite food and stunning views of the midnight fireworks. For those wanting to celebrate the new year a little differently, the Sydney Opera House will appeal to those with a refined taste in performance art. Catch a mindblowing performance of the classic La Boheme, and feast on delightful three-course meals in a sophisticated art decor ambience.

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