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Community Guide: Jumeira Bay Island

8 March 2023 Written by Arpan

You can never have enough coastline in Dubai, quite literally. The city contains some of the finest beaches in the world, and its love for the waterfront lifestyle is so great that entirely new islands have been built to add even more stretches of coast to its topography. Among these beautiful man-made wonders is Jumeira Bay Island, which extends out from the heart of Dubai’s famous Jumeirah district.

Jumeira Bay Island

About the Island

Jumeira Bay is spread across an area of roughly 6 million square feet and like its not-so-distant neighbour Pearl Jumeirah, it is defined by a unique shape - that of an immense seahorse. The shape gives the island a snaking design that makes it seem even larger than it is, and allows for some dramatic views to be captured no matter which part of the island you’re standing on.


Bulgari Resort and Residences

Bulgari Resort & Residences

The name Bulgari is synonymous with luxury, craftsmanship and elegance. For over a century, the Italian brand has crafted some of the finest fashion accessories, including watches, jewellery and leather goods. At the start of the 21st century, Bulgari officially launched its hospitality division with the first Bulgari Hotel in Milan. In the span of less than two decades, only six Bulgari properties have been built, each in a renowned global city. The Bulgari Resort & Residences in Dubai is the sixth member of this very elite club, and is also the first Bulgari property in the Middle East.



Location is another highlight of Jumeirah Bay, with a specially built 300-metre roadway leading directly into the famous Jumeirah district. Residents are within a 15-minute drive from some of the most exciting dining options (including several homegrown brands) and boutique retail options in the city, including shopping centres such as J3 Mall, Mercato Mall and Sunset Mall.

Properties in Jumeirah Bay Islands