Central Park Club - The Highest Private Club in the World

4 July 2022 Written by Staff Writer

Located 1,000 feet above ground along Billionaire’s Row at 225 West 57th Street in the Midtown Manhattan neighborhood of New York, the newly unveiled 100th floor of Central Park Tower offers guests spine-tingling views of one of the world's most famous skylines. The 1,550 supertall tower is famous for being the tallest residential building in the world. It now adds a sumptuous sky-high private club to its list of one-of-a-kind features.

Private clubs have been part of New York’s history for centuries. They were created to allow like-minded people living in the bustling metropolis to connect and converse.

Overview - Most Exclusive Private Club in New York

1. Elegance and Sophistication 2. White-Glove Services and Amenities 3. One-Of A Kind Experience
Central Park Cub 1

Some were more exclusive than others, like the famous Union Club. Founded in 1836 in an opulent landmark building, it was and still is a gentlemen's club devoted to social standing, wealth, and power. Another club originally dedicated to upper-class gentlemen was the Metropolitan Club. This social club quickly became one of the most prestigious private clubs in New York City after J.P Morgan created it in a bid to challenge the hegemony of the Union Club in 1891.

Fast forward 131 years and the Central Park Club is a swanky addition to the city’s rich history of exclusive and exquisite private clubs. Only residents of Central Park Tower can become members and access the club’s unparalleled views, top-notch amenities, and luxury services.

1. Elegance and Sophistication

“When a view is as stunning as this, the interior design needs to introduce you to the view, not overpower the view,” Lauren Rottet of Rottet Studio said. “Though the interiors are far from minimal, they are also not over-cluttered or decorated.”

The minimal yet sophisticated approach to the interior decoration of the elevated private club harmoniously blends in with the views, allowing guests to immediately immerse themselves in the spectacular panorama.

The lounge displays stunning pearl-and sapphire-toned furniture and gold accents reminiscent of the modern Parisian interior design.

Central Park Club 2

The bar area evokes an Art Deco aesthetic. The space was designed with moody dark tones while carefully embodying gold hues for a timeless luxury feel. But even though the moody noir theme of this room sets it apart from the lounge area, its geometric ceiling allows for subtle continuity with the lounge creating a cohesive space.

The genius of Studio Rottet was to design each room on the floor so that it had its own unique feel while incorporating subtle elements effortlessly making the space feel like a part of a greater whole.

2. White-Glove Services and Amenities

As you step foot into the Central Park Club, you’ll be transported to a world of luxury living and bespoke experiences starring unobstructed vistas of Central Park, the Hudson, East River, and Manhattan.

Starting with the crown jewel of the Central Park Tower, the 100th floor, designed by internationally acclaimed designers Rottet Studio, spans over 8,300 square feet. It boasts a grand ballroom that can accommodate over 120 guests, as well as a lavish bar and restaurant with an extensive cocktail list and seasonal menus carefully curated by Michelin-star chefs such as Alfred Portale, Laurent Tourondel and Gabriel Kreuther.

Wine lovers will appreciate the cozy atmosphere of the wine and cigar lounge as they savor world-class wines while splurging in sumptuous skyline views.

But there’s more. To accommodate the every need of the residents and their guests, the club comprises two other floors, spreading across 50,000 feet in total.

Central Park Club 3

The club’s members can access the breathtaking 14th-floor terrace complete with a 60-foot outdoor swimming pool, a luxuriant private garden, a sun deck, and multiple cabanas allowing guests to indulge in ultimate self-care and rejuvenate in this relaxing outdoor oasis. And to complete this deluxe experience, members also have access to a dining area comprising a grill, a bar, and a fireplace, ideal to entertain guests and enjoy skyline sunsets as the breeze kicks in.

For indoor entertainment, the residents' lounge includes a games room, a performance space, and a screening room. A business center is also available to allow guests to enjoy a space that feels like their office away from the office, conduct the most critical business operations, and attend groundbreaking conferences.

Last but not least, joining the Central Tower Club also guarantees full access to the 16th floor’s amenities of the building which are all about fitness, relaxation, and wellbeing. After a swim in the indoor saltwater swimming pool, members can treat themselves at the five-star spa, enjoy some me-time at the fitness and wellness center or take part in a game of squash or basketball using the dedicated courts. The club also accommodates private swimming lessons, personal fitness services, and a range of restorative treatments.

These incredible amenities are complemented by unmatched personal services and exclusive privileges with Nordstrom's first full-line department store. Spanning seven storeys located at the base of the tower, the store collaborated with Central Park Club to offer its members privileges such as guaranteed reservations to the three Nordstrom restaurants, access to personal stylists, beauty services and in-store perks.

Central Park Club 4

3. One-Of A Kind Experience

Providing a unique and unforgettable experience to residents and their guests is so important that Colin Cowie, a sought-after Lifestyle Advisor, Interior Designer, and acclaimed Author was tasked with becoming the luxury building’s lifestyle and culinary experiences curator and event planner.

To make each member feel special, he created a transcendent sensory experience incorporating all five senses when crafting the mood of the club. Some of the most notable experiences designed to dazzle members’ senses include ambiance changes with lights adapting as the sun sets, melodies that increase in tempo as the day goes by, and perhaps the showstopper; rotating custom seasonal scents.

Photo Credits: Evan Joseph

Cover Image: Central Park Tower Facebook Page