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6 Tips and Tricks For Finding the Perfect Home in Dubai

14 June 2024 Written by Staff Writer

In recent years, Dubai has emerged as a hotspot for new residents, drawing many expats due to its economic growth and high-quality lifestyle. If you're planning to buy home in Dubai, you'll find numerous excellent living options. The abundance of choices can be overwhelming for first-time residents, but these six tips will make finding and buying a home in Dubai much easier.

How to Find a Property in Dubai

1. Make Use of Online Resources 2. Comply With All Regulations
3. Research Different Neighbourhoods 4. Know the Facilities and Amenities You Need
5. Make a Smart Investment 6. Be Aware of Scams
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1. Make Use of Online Resources

If you are searching for a property in Dubai, the best place to start is online. There are a number of good sites which you can use to search for apartments and most feature both properties to rent and for sale. They also allow you to filter your search based on requirements, such as the number of bedrooms and car parking.

2. Comply With All Regulations

When buying or renting a property, it is important to make sure that you comply with all necessary regulations. This is an area where expats can often be caught out, because they are unfamiliar with local laws and procedures. Be sure to do your research to make sure your transaction is compliant and you are not faced with any nasty surprises down the track. In particular, be aware that all agents in the UAE are required to register with the local real estate authority body, RERA, so make sure you only deal with a registered agent.

3. Research Different Neighbourhoods

Dubai is divided into a number of neighbourhoods and communities, each of them quite different from the others. This means it is important to research the different neighbourhoods in order to find the one which is right for you. Do your own research online, and if possible go and visit these places in person, looking at factors like transport, amenities, distance from Downtown or other important areas, and availability of quality schools and health care.


4. Know the Facilities and Amenities You Need

Before starting your search in earnest, it is important to be clear on the facilities, features and amenities you require in your new home. This will save you from getting swept up in the excitement and making an unwise  decision. Sit down and make a list of all of the “must-haves” you are looking for in your new apartment or villa. This could be things like number of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen size and number of car parking spaces. Keep in mind that in Dubai, car parking is scarce so if you are planning on having a car or cars parking spaces attached to your residence are important. Traffic can also be heavy here, so you will want to either live somewhere close to work or with great access to public transport.

5. Make a Smart Investment

If you are planning on buying a property in Dubai, be sure to invest your money wisely. Dubai can be an excellent market for investment, as long as you make the right choices. Be sure to conduct thorough research into real estate trends in the city, to make sure you buy the type of property in the right neighbourhood which will represent a good investment in the long-term.

6. Be Aware of Scams

Thanks to laws put in place by the UAE Government, Dubai is generally a safe place to invest in property. However, scams do exist, and foreigners who are not familiar with local laws and procedures are vulnerable to being taken advantage of by scammers. Scams most commonly revolve around the sale of fake properties, or selling property without the legal right (or ownership) to do so. In order to protect yourself from scams, make sure to only deal with agents who are registered with the RERA, and go through all paperwork with a fine-tooth comb to make sure it is in order.