Best Designer Sunglasses Of 2022-23 To Turn Up The Heat This Summer

Written by Enjay Malik

If you want to instantly add oomph to your summer outfits, there is one little accessory that can do that in such an elegant way that few others can. Yes, we are talking about the good ol' sunglasses. They have come a long way.

Sunglasses are one of the most affordable yet stylish parts of one's wardrobe. You can find them in any nearby store at great prices. However, there is something different about wearing designer sunglasses. The perfect fit, the quality, the material, and the look elevate the look to a different level. Moreover, buying designer glasses is an investment as they look better and last longer.

If you are planning to take the plunge and buy good designer sunglasses to shield you from the intense sun this summer, keep reading as we have gathered a list of the best designer sunglasses this season. Let's dive in.

You shouldn't just buy the first style you like in sunglasses. They need to be chosen carefully, or else they will look and feel uncomfortable. Some factors you need to consider include the size of the sunglasses that suit your face, the amount of light they block, the lens color, the wraparounds, UV protection, and more.

Keeping all of that in mind, here is a list of the best designer sunglasses for the summer this time.

1. Ray-Ban Classic Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Classic Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

Image Source: Ray-Ban

If you want to cut all the hustle of finding the perfect shade and get something universal, Ray-ban is your brand. Ray-ban is a classic brand that features sunglasses for all kinds of faces and in all types of styles. They also offer the option of installing prescription lenses. You have style, practicality, and universality all in one frame.

Ray-Ban's classic polarized aviator sunglasses will surely take you back to the time when Tom Cruise was the ultimate sweetheart after Top Gun was released. The shape of Ray-ban's polarized glasses suits almost every type of face shape, and it comes in various colors for you to choose from, such as green, gold, fuchsia, purple, matte black, and more colors.

Ray-ban sunglasses offer UV protection as well. The lenses are available in 55, 56, and 62 millimeters. You can find these for $213 currently.

2. Tory Burch Cat Eye Sunglasses

Tory Burch Cat Eye Sunglasses

Image Source: Tory Burch

The Tory Burch sunglasses with the subtle cat-eye are another great addition to the classic sunglasses that go with almost anything and look good on all face shapes. You can find them in black and tortoise color. The lens of this Tory Burch sunglass is 53mm with a bridge that is 19mm wide.

These sunglasses are classy and elegant. They are perfect for everyday wear and look high fashion as well. The price point is very reasonable considering other classes in the same category. You can buy them for $172 at the current rate.

3. Gucci Women's Square Sunglasses

Gucci Women's Square Sunglasses

Image Source: Gucci

You don't necessarily have to stick to the universal, classic designs that go with everything. If you want to take a bit of a vintage turn to old Hollywood (think Grace Kelly and Jacqueline Kennedy), the square sunglasses from Gucci can be the perfect fit for you.

These sunglasses reminisce the old times when some popular ladies used to wear these big, square sunglasses to shield themselves from the paparazzi. The Gucci sunglasses take you back to those glamorous times.

These Gucci sunglasses have a slight detailing of the logo on the sides, and they can instantly glam up your look. You can buy these sunglasses for $520.

4. LoveShackFancy Hawkins Sunglasses

LoveShackFancy Hawkins Sunglasses

Image Source: LoveShackFancy

LoveShackFancy has an amazing collection of sunglasses that you would want to wear for those fancy garden parties. They have gradient lenses and a metal frame with flower detailing on it. The flower design makes it feel and look like it was made to be worn with flowy summer dresses.

The lenses are non-polarized, and the sunglasses are in round shape, which looks very playful and fun during the summertime. It comes with a pouch and a removable chain. You can buy these sunnies for $195 at the current rate.

5. Linda Farrow Dunaway Sunglasses

Linda Farrow Dunaway Sunglasses

Image Source: Linda Farrow

The Linda Farrow eyewear brand was born in the 1970s. Linda Farrow had the vision of bringing style and class into the practicality of everyday sunglasses, and so she set to disrupt the industry. The brand runs on a mix of bold silhouettes and sleek frames, and expert detailing. If you want to class up your summer look, consider investing in the Linda Farrow Dunaway Sunglasses.

These Linda Farrow sunglasses give the perfect summer vacation vibe with a scarf detailing on the side and giant glasses. Add a gorgeous dress, and you will look like you are straight out of an Audrey Hepburn movie. You can buy these designer sunglasses for $475 on Amazon.

6. Dior Oversize Cat Eye Sunglasses

Dior Oversize Cat Eye Sunglasses

Image Source: Dior

If you want to make a sleek statement this summer, go with these Dior Oversized cat-eye sunglasses. They have a lens width of 63 mm and a bridge of 14 mm. They come in summery color combinations of gold with green, gold with blue, and gold with violet. Wear them with jeans and t-shirt or a dress; they make a statement for themselves. These Dior sunglasses are a perfect combination of creativity with class.

You can buy these designer sunglasses for $470.

Don't Forget The Must-Have Features In Your Summer Sunnies

The correct shape and size are a must-have in your summer designer sunglasses. Make sure to try the glasses on before you buy. Sometimes you see a model wearing them, and they look great. But everyone has unique facial features. So, different sunglasses go on well on different face shapes and sizes. Some faces look good in tiny glasses, while others fit perfectly with huge ones.

Another important factor is the style quotient. This would be different for everyone depending on where they intend to wear their designer sunglasses. But make sure to notice all the details and how the glasses will gel with your wardrobe. Don't be afraid to go crazy with colors and shapes. And you can always stick to a classic.

If you are going to be wearing them in intense sunshine, make sure they have a UV protection layer as well. Other than that, you can consider more factors as per your taste.

Happy Shopping!

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