Best Art Galleries in Dubai

Written by Arpan Ghosh

Dubai loves to showcase its artistic side in many different forms. There are vibrant street art displays in several of the city’s historical districts and in newer areas such as City Walk, art exhibitions held throughout the year, and art galleries located across the city.

Top 11 Art Galleries in Dubai

Undoubtedly the city of superlatives, from skyscrapers and upscale restaurants to dreamy beaches and top-tier hospitality - Dubai offers the best of everything. But there is another facet to the cosmopolitan city that often goes unnoticed, which is the exhibition of visual art, nature and culture. Since Dubai is home to expats from around the globe, the art galleries are truly eclectic, and feature works that take one on an ethereal journey to ponder and reflect. Whether you are a connoisseur or simply an art enthusiast, here are some of the best art galleries in Dubai for you to visit.

1. XVA


One of the most well-known art galleries in the Middle East, XVA highlights art from across the region, and neighbouring areas such as India and Africa. It is a great opportunity for emerging artists to be discovered and for masters in the field to display their work. The XVA gallery is located in the historic Al Fahidi District, which presents a snapshot of the UAE’s heritage with its winding lanes and traditionally designed buildings. The gallery is joined by the XVA Art Hotel, so you don’t have to limit your appreciation of the arts to just one visit.

Just as the abstract name suggests, XVA is home to a curated collection of art pieces from both renowned and underground artists. Established in 2004, the gallery primarily showcases works of Middle-Eastern painters and sculptors - with a focus on the intermingling of cultural identities and perspectives that challenges visitors to look beyond their preconceived notions of borders and cultural barriers.

Furthermore, XVA also offers expert art consultancy and project management solutions to individuals and corporate identities interested in holding exhibitions or setting up an arts and crafts space. Moreover, the gallery has a very rustic and traditional looking cafe that is dubbed as Dubai’s best kept secret. The eatery has been hailed as a favourite by none other than Gordon Ramsay.

Location :
XVA is located in the historic neighbourhood of Al Fahidi.

2. Cuadro Fine Art Gallery

Cuadro Fine Art Gallery

Gate Village in DIFC is home to some of Dubai’s best art galleries, including Cuadro Gallery, which showcases artwork from both local and international artists. The gallery also publishes art books and offers a three-month residency program for artists, making it a true home for lovers of fine art.

3. Fann A Porter

Fann A Porter

Fann A Porter is located in The Workshop Dubai near Jumeirah, a unique villa that contains multiple art and creative spaces. Fann A Porter is a contemporary gallery that shares the villa with antique boutique Vindemia, alongside a library, cafe and design studio. You can also find custom-made furniture here, with in-house design services provided. A trip to Fann A Porter could result in an addition to your private collection as well as a new statement piece to wow your guests.

4. The Third Line

The Third Line

The Third Line is located in Alserkal Avenue, an unexpected haven of art in the industrial district of Al Quoz. This Dubai art gallery hosts exhibitions as well as non-profit events aimed at increasing art awareness and interest in the region. The gallery also has a book wing that publishes books by leading regional artists.

The Third Line is helping to give a voice to aspiring artists of Middle-Eastern heritage - giving them a platform to showcase their work to whom art speaks on a deeper level. In addition to hosting art exhibitions, The Third Line is involved in the production and publication of art magazines in both English and Arabic; as well as hosting a myriad of non-for-profit programs that bring enthusiasts together to have discussions about art, literature, film and music of the region. Famous artists whose work has been featured include Abbas Akhavan, Ala Ebtekar, Amir H. Fallah, Anuar Khalifi, Farah Al Qasimi and Farhad Moshiri.

Location :
The Third Line is located in the surreal setting of Alserkal Avenue, within Al Quoz.

5. Lawrie Shabibi

Lawrie Shabibi

This is yet another art gallery in Alserkal Avenue, focusing on the work of young and upcoming international artists so their talents can be put in front of a wider audience and has helped to grow the contemporary art scene in Dubai. Lawrie Shabibi has also run special showcases of historic art by older artists from the Middle East and Africa. As of this year, the gallery will have an outpost in the United Kingdom as well.

6. Elmarsa Gallery

Elmarsa Gallery

The oldest gallery on this list, Elmarsa was founded in Tunisia over 25 years ago to promote Arab art and to build bridges to the wider international art community. Since then, the gallery has established a presence across the Middle East, leading to the opening of its second branch in Dubai in 2015. The gallery is, of course, located in Alserkal Avenue, where it continues with the mission to be a leader of modern art in Dubai.

7. The Opera Gallery

The Opera Gallery

Having started back in 1994, the Opera Gallery is a synthesis of old world aesthetics with abstract, contemporary design forms that compel visitors to ask themselves questions about life, evolution, natural morality and the confines of human expression. The Gallery holds exhibitions worldwide in cities including New York, Miami, Aspen, London, Monaco, Geneva, Beirut, Hong Kong and Dubai. The gallery has a reputation of showcasing intricate and visually striking pieces - such as, Lightfield by Anthony James, which presents five moving geometrical shapes in a dark room with LED lights to incredible effect. The experience is awe-inspiring and is an attempt to transport visitors into a parallel dimension where peace and tranquility reigns.

Location :
The Opera Gallery Dubai is located in Gate Village, DIFC on Sheikh Zayed Road.

8. Oblong Contemporary Gallery

Oblong Contemporary Gallery

Oblong’s original gallery is in the beautiful seaside town of Forte dei Marmi, Italy. The Dubai gallery, which was inaugurated in 2019, serves as a bridge between cultures where the best of European and Middle Eastern contemporary art come together. It hosts exhibitions on a regular basis to showcase the works of renowned global artists – some recent names include Iranian artist Abol Atighetchi, Italian contemporary great Pablo Dana and Antonio Signorini, whose sculptural work can be seen in DIFC. Click here to listen to co-founder Paola Marucci’s interview with The Luxury Podcast.

Location :
Oblong Contemporary Gallery is located on Bluewaters Island.

9. Green Art Gallery

Green Art Gallery

The Green Art Gallery is one of Dubai’s most renowned art galleries. Established nearly four decades ago, the center is a melting pot of artists coming together to give birth to contemporary and transformative paintings, figurines, sculptures and their stories. The gallery today features works of of artists originating from the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and beyond, including Turkish artists Hale Tenger and Hera Büyüktaşcıyan; Iranian artists Kamrooz Aram and Nazgol Ansarinia; and Shadi Habib Allah, Seher Shah, and Alessandro Balteo-Yazbeck, who come from Palestine, Pakistan and Venezuela respectively.

Location :
Like The Third Line, Green Art Gallery is also located in Alserkal Venue, Al Quoz.

10. The Empty Quarter

The Empty Quarter

The Empty Quarter is the only place of its kind in the entire Middle East, which exhibits and celebrates photography. As a membership exclusive gallery, members look through the lens of a camera and enjoy stills of nature, country-side, urban infrastructure, historic architecture, documentary films, photo-journalism as well as random street photography. The gallery promotes creations of internationally recognized names in the field of photography; including Al-Moutasim Al Maskery, Steve McCurry, Marc Riboud, and Bruno Barbey. There is also a section dedicated to books and a place for people to have discourse over the various forms of photography.

Location :
The Empty Quarter can be found at Gate Village, Building 02, DIFC, on Sheikh Zayed Road.

11. Gallery One

Gallery One

Last on the list is the retail chain, Gallery One, which offers a myriad of contemporary pieces of art to collectors and hobbyists. Despite not being overly intricate and abstract in its offerings, Gallery One’s outlets have enough art souvenirs to satiate the appetite of anyone. One of the most impressive features about them is how they commission art pieces that draw inspiration from daily life occurrences. This helps them stay abreast of what's fresh and relevant in the market.

Location :
They have three locations in Dubai - one in Mirdif Center, another in Arabian Ranches 2 community, and one more in Souq Al Bahar.

All images courtesy of the Facebook pages of the respective art galleries.