Arabian Ranches - One of Dubai's Best Family Communities

Written by Arpan Ghosh

Arabian Ranches (more commonly known as Arabian Ranches 1 nowadays) is an established villa community in Dubai and is one that is particularly popular among British expats who are looking for a family home. This quiet suburban neighbourhood, nestled in greenery and set in a central part of the city that is a 15 minute drive from the main business districts, is just ideal for that purpose.


The Neighbourhood


The villas for rent in Arabian Ranches have a mix of Arabian and Spanish architectural styles and are divided among several different enclaves. Often, they get lumped in with the neighbouring community of Arabian Ranches 2, but it is important to understand that they are two distinctly different areas with different amenities and lifestyle options.


What are the sub communities that make up Arabian Ranches 1? The short answer is: Al Mahra, Al Reem, Alma, Alvorada, Aseel, Hattan, Mirador, Mirador La Coleccion, Palmera, Saheel, Savannah, Terra Nova and The Golf Homes.


Several of these, such as Al Reem and Alvorada, are divided into further sub communities, which can make the area a bit tricky to navigate. However, with a little knowledgeable advice from an expert in the area, you can find the right villa in just the right neighbourhood.



The Amenities


Arabian Ranches 1 is designed around the beautiful Arabian Ranches Golf Course, designed by Australian golfing veteran Ian Baker-Finch in collaboration with renowned golf course design firm Nicklaus Design. Beautiful green paths connect the various communities, which are dotted with parks, lakes and playgrounds for children, making it an ideal place to take a stroll or have a picnic on a sunny weekend.


Nearby is the Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club, which is easily accessible from the community. The Polo Club is surrounded by the gorgeous villa enclave known as Polo Homes, which is also mistakenly believed to be part of Arabian Ranches 1.


Other key amenities include:


  • Arabian Ranches Retail Centre, which contains a choice selection of boutique stores, restaurants and cafes, plus a medical clinic
  • Jumeirah English Speaking School, a well-known international school offering primary and secondary education based on a UK curriculum
  • Raffles Nursery, which provides pre-school education to children aged two to four
  • Various outdoor fitness facilities such as basketball courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts and community swimming pools


The Highlights


While there are several villas for sale in Arabian Ranches, the fact is that most of them are currently occupied. With that in mind, we take a look at 4 villa communities in Arabian Ranches that do have villas for sale, and that we think are really worth considering for your Dubai home.





Aseel is one of the newer villa communities in Arabian Ranches 1. It is located right at the center, bordering the fairways of the golf course and overlooking some truly fantastic views. Comprising a very limited selection of just 55 villas, it is the picture of Spanish countryside charm with contemporary interiors and layouts ranging from four to seven bedrooms.



The Golf Homes


Unlike the other villa communities at Arabian Ranches, The Golf Homes is not set around the edges of the golf course, but on the fairways of the course itself. Comprising 18 exclusive villas, which is a nice little nod to the golf theme, these are some of the most spectacular properties in Dubai that make you enjoy the very best views. Sold as shell and core units, the villas are available in three Spanish-inspired architectural styles and set on large plots of up to 27,000 sq ft. Each villa is a perfect blend of indoor and outdoor spaces, with spacious terraces, courtyards and large windows.

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Hattan, located along the southern edge of the golf course, is distinctive for its modern Arabic design style (with a choice of three color schemes) and its large plot sizes. The villas have marble flooring in the main living areas, 9-foot ceilings, and enclosed courtyards. Hattan has proven to be one of the most popular amongst new families in the past few months and is in very high demand.



Mirador La Coleccion


Not to be confused with another community called Mirador, La Coleccion features a very classical Spanish aesthetic, complementing its bright exteriors and sloping tiled roofs with fireplaces and chimneys for an extra touch of authenticity. Mirador La Coleccion is located on the southwestern border of the golf course, and quite close to the Hattan neighbourhood. High ceilings and bright interior palettes add to the stylish yet very comfortable ambiance of these homes.