5 Best Specialty Chocolatiers in Dubai

Written by Arpan Ghosh
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, though if you haven’t picked up something for that special someone yet, don’t worry. Chocolate is always the perfect gift, and LuxuryProperty.com has put together a list of specialty chocolatiers in Dubai who sell treats that are as sweet as they are unique.

1. Al Nassma, Available all over the UAE
Al Nassma, Available all over the UAE
Al Nassma has one of the best chocolates in UAE, and is the only company in the world to specialize in camel milk chocolate. Camel milk has long been a source of nutrition for the Bedouin tribes of old, and contains both less fat and less lactose than cow’s milk. It’s really the perfect indulgence. Aside from regular chocolates, Al Nassma has some special regional variations including chocolate bars flavored with cardamom and cumin, and camel milk truffles with a gooey caramel, nut and honey centre.

2. Cacao Sampaka, The Dubai Mall
Cacao Sampaka, The Dubai Mall
This Barcelona-based company is one of the few in the world that is fully involved in the process of making chocolate, from the selection of the finest beans to packing and selling the finished product. The store has a special selection of chocolates from the top chocolate-producing countries in the world, such as Venezuela and the Ivory Coast. You could also experiment with unusual flavors like the curry chocolate truffles or order a chocolate sandwich. As part of your date night, you can also spend some time in the in-store café, sipping on one of the riches hot chocolates you will ever taste.

3. Forrey & Galland, The Dubai Mall
Forrey & Galland, The Dubai Mall
A Valentine’s Day that is devoid of any French presence is hardly a Valentine’s Day at all. Hailing from the famous ‘city of love’, Forrey & Galland fuses French and Middle Eastern flavors to create delectable combinations such as rose petal chocolates and chocolates with saffron. To experience this fusion at its finest, you could also try one of their exquisite orange blossom or date macarons.

4. Boutique Le Chocolat, City Walk
Boutique Le Chocolat, City Walk
 Boutique Le Chocolate is a bold homegrown concept by renowned developer Meraas. It is the only Middle Eastern company with chocolatiers specially brought in from Switzerland, France and Belgium to ensure the best production processes, the highest quality of ingredients and ultimately, the most unforgettable flavor. Working in conjunction with international names like Salon du Chocolat and Cacao Barry, this local brand is committed to delivering the very best when it comes to indulging your sweet tooth.
5. Mirzam, Al Quoz
Mirzam, Al Quoz
Another homegrown chocolate maker, Mirzam is located in the arts hub of Al Serkal Avenue. As much a storyteller as a chocolatier, Mirzam pays homage to the Spice Route traveled by European traders by sourcing the best quality beans and pairing them with ingredients that include rose, saffron, roasted almonds and mangoes. There is even a special Emirati collection, with flavors inspired by traditional desserts including loqaimat and halva.

All images are courtesy of the respective Facebook pages of the companies listed