Luqman Shaukat

Private Client Advisor

Luqman has been around real estate his whole life, though his interest in the industry mainly developed during his student days at the University of Toronto. Canada was going through a property boom at the time and Luqman, whose background is in Financial Economics and History, found himself drawn to the analytical aspects of real estate.

He co-founded an investment firm with some friends in his senior year and then worked as a real estate analyst, dealing with REIT and property valuations across Canada and over different asset classes. With more than 6 years of experience in the field, he has a sharp eye for detail and is driven by data, resulting in a very calculated approach to real estate advisory.

Luqman joins the team as a specialist in Dubai Marina, providing sound property purchasing and investment advice in Dubai’s most popular waterfront district.

Music is another of Luqman’s passions. He has taught himself to play several instruments from a young age and enjoys recording and making his own music in his spare time.