Private Client Advisory

Private Client Advisory is not limited to bespoke curation, it is integral to your entire experience with us. Our Private Client Advisory service is an exclusive benefit offered to our discerning clients, whom we work with on a personal basis to create bespoke buying and selling solutions tailored to their individual needs. The Private Client Advisory team is led by the firm’s top-level executives to ensure that our clients receive the highest level of expert advice and that discussions are handled with the utmost discretion.


The Luxury Property Philosophy 

At Luxury Property, when we talk about property consulting, we refer to far more than showcasing curated residences. We provide our clients with a comprehensive experience where access to unique and exclusive properties is just the starting point.

We pride ourselves on combining the refinement of a luxury brand with the flexibility and solutions-driven mindset of a start-up. Our progressive thinking, creative approach and highly personalised advisory service are what set us apart from others in the market.

At Luxury Property, we value our relationship with our clients and consider ourselves to be trusted advisors. It is this mindset that drives the very core of our firm’s beliefs.

Mission Statement 

We provide unparalleled levels of Private Client Advisory service by leveraging teamwork, innovation and professionalism. Our individual and collective objective is to not just understand our clients’ needs, but to anticipate them and deliver tailored solutions.


Why Private Client Advisory?

  • end-to-end-services

    End-to-end services

    We provide a fully integrated service and manage the entire process for you. We liaise with all parties throughout the entire search and acquisition process to use your time as efficiently as possible and that nothing slips through the cracks.

  • Prioritise your time

    We ensure that your time is used effectively and successfully. No calls to brokers, no calls from brokers, no wasted viewings, no purchase to later find something is wrong with the property, no lengthy negotiations with no outcome, the list is endless.

  • First access and off market

    Access the most sought after properties first.  In a competitive market, early access can make all the difference between a prime deal and a lost opportunity. 

  • Expert negotiators

    Through our combined experience in the real estate market, our team has built up a reputation for excellence, expertise and professionalism. By leveraging that reputation on behalf of our clients, we can secure the best price on the market for them.

  • Discretion is assured

    We understand the value of discretion when conducting business in a highly competitive market, and we value the security and satisfaction of our clients above all. Any information divulged to us remains strictly confidential.

  • Due diligence

    We always do our research on any property that we plan to recommend to our clients, from basic background checks to managing the bureaucratic hurdles prior to purchase to keep the home buying process free of any last minute surprises.