The Beautiful Game - Bayut Premier Cup 2019

Written by Arpan Ghosh

A contest of champions. Teams from across the city with an eye on the trophy. A test of will, endurance and athleticism. This past Thursday it all came together at the Bayut Premier Cup, an annual football tournament hosted by property portal Dubbed ‘The Year of the Worthy’, the 2019 edition of the tournament attracted some of the top names in Dubai real estate, who swapped out their power suits for sports kits and took to the field at Sportsmania JLT.


Our own private client advisors at were among the contestants, eager to demonstrate that they are not just property experts but also sportsmen of the highest caliber. The team was composed of Ryan ‘Ibrahimovic’ Dixon, Andreas ‘Messi’ Malmestedt, Muzaffar ‘Neymar’ Sherbayev, Benjamin ‘Ronaldo’ Preece, Bipin 'Neuer' Khanna, Luqman ‘Iniesta’ Shaukat and Mustapha ‘Pogba’ Kharoubi, all led by star captain Paul ‘Beckham’ Martin.

After weeks of practice and intense training, our team was ready to take on the competition and made for an imposing sight in their black uniforms tinged with green (a nice union of the and Bayut colours).

The tournament began on a light and breezy note, but it didn’t take too long for the intensity to ramp up. With Andrew ‘Ferguson’ Cummings providing fervent guidance from the sidelines, the team delivered a solid performance in each of their four matches and ended the first round of matches with heads held high.


The final round of the Cup will be played this week and we look forward to seeing our team among the qualifying finalists.

If you are looking for a team that knows how to work and play with equal intensity, then you should definitely contact us for all of your real estate (or indeed footballing) needs.