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Riccardo Scala is Property Finder's Best Quality Broker of 2021

Dubai’s super broker Riccardo Scala ended 2021 on an extremely high note, being recognized for his exceptional performance throughout the year by one of Dubai’s most well-known real estate portals. The annual Property Finder Awards, a celebration of excellence in real estate, named Riccardo the Best quality Broker in 2021. The award is a recognition of not just transactional performance, but about what makes an agent truly stand out amongst their peers.


Riccardo, who leads the Private Client Office at, has been dealing with some of Dubai’s most spectacular homes since the start of his career. In mid-2020, he joined as a specialist in high-end leasing, which was the beginning of a career path that would take him up to a completely different level.

As the real estate market in Dubai faced a post-Covid boom, Riccardo seized every opportunity that came his way and was ultimately awarded Outstanding Rental Agent in Q4 2020 by Property Finder. The following year, he made the successful transition to luxury sales, closing two of the most expensive villas sales in Dubai’s recent history and winning Outstanding Sales Agent in Q1 2021. Following a string of successful transactions across the year (including one of the most expensive rentals ever), Riccardo was promoted to the Director of the Private Client Office at, which is the department that that handles the company’s most high-value listings dealing in areas such as Palm Jumeirah (primarily the Frond villas), Emirates Hills, and Al Barari.

The Dubai real estate market is moving along at a staggering pace, particularly in the luxury segment, and prices are rising to meet a growth in demand. The city is now firmly in a seller’s market, with no room for negotiation on pricing, and Riccardo is in a position to smash many more records in 2022 and to lead his team to tremendous success.

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