The 10 Most Beautiful Places in Dubai

Written by Muhammad Qadeer

Dubai is rich in terms of both natural landscapes and manmade attractions. The global city pulls people from all corners of the world to experience the plethora of marvelous sights on offer. From exotic beaches and glittering spires to historical landmarks and heritage sites, the city beautifully blends old-world aesthetics with contemporary style. In this blog, we look at some of the most iconic locations in Dubai where you can take photos and make memories.


List of Top 10 Places to Take Photos in Dubai in 2022

1. Al Bastakiya District 2. Bur Dubai Creek
3. Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary 4. Sunset Beach
5. Al Serkal Avenue 6. Tolerance Bridge
7. La Mer 8. Dubai International Financial Center
9. Dubai Marina 10. Burj Khalifa

1. Al Bastakiya District

Al Bastakiya District

Narrow passageways, quaint streets, and rustic aesthetics, the Al Bastakiya District is a nineteenth century neighborhood that forms part of Al Fahidi Historical District in the middle of Dubai. The community comprises classic-era buildings that feature wind towers, delicate inscriptions, and chimes that sing with the whistling of the wind. Transformed as a tourist attraction, the district has plenty of hotels, museums, art galleries, cafeterias, and souvenir shops.


2. Bur Dubai Creek

Bur Dubai Creek

Bur Dubai is the quintessential tourist attraction of Dubai. The old creek lets people board abras or traditional dhows to embark on a voyage across Deira, Business Bay, Downtown and Dubai Souq. You can also feed seagulls during your journey and watch fish swim in pristine waters below. To capture the perfect shot, wait till sunset and hold your phone horizontally, then increase exposure – you’ll get a timeless photo of one of Dubai’s most scenic locations.


3. Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary is home to many species of birds and mammals. A tidal estuary with water lagoons, you can spot Grey Herons, Flamingos, Hedgehogs, and a variety of reptiles. With an abundance of natural flora; including mangrove formations, the ecosystem is managed by Dubai’s municipality department and gives visitors the chance to get close to nature. Pro tip: use a zoom lens and increase your shutter speed to catch the dancing flamingoes in the backdrop of the mangroves.


4. Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach

As the name suggests, Sunset Beach is the best spot in Dubai to capture mesmerizing shots of the sun disappearing over the horizon. Also known as the Umm Suqeim Beach, the sea view offers breathtaking views of the Burj Khalifa glistening under the sun. Arrive at least an hour before sunset, and experiment with different shots – as the sky shifts its color to orange, gold and tangerine. Avoid bringing clunky equipment with you since it’s a public beach; just bring along a handheld camera to capture the moments.


5. Al Serkal Avenue

Al Serkal Avenue

Al Serkal Avenue is the arts and culture center of Dubai. Located in Al Quoz, the surreal district serves a platform for indie and underground artists to showcase their work; and for visitors to snap themselves. On a daily basis, the venue hosts art exhibitions, plays, musical performances, and a lot more. With artists pushing the boundaries of creativity, you have the chance to capture plenty of incredible moments on camera.


6. Tolerance Bridge

Tolerance Bridge

Connecting the two banks of Dubai Water Canal, the Tolerance Bridge boasts magnificent views of the skyscrapers of Dubai in the background, which illuminate the water beneath with kaleidoscopic lights. Arrive half an hour before sunset, place your tripod on the sidewalk below the bridge, and take a long-exposure shot. This will help to create beautiful light trails on the canal. You can achieve similar results using your iPhone by changing a live photo into a long exposure shot.


7. La Mer

La Mer

La Mer in French literally translates to “the Sea”. The urban beachfront is always a busy destination for people to enjoy the seashore and explore the upscale restaurants and luxury lifestyle brands. The streets run adjacent to the beachfront promenade; and feature murals, walls with graffiti art and clear views of the blue sky. Put your camera on the ground and shoot in monochrome or add some grain to give character to your shots.


8. Dubai International Financial Center

Dubai International Financial Center

Located on Sheikh Zayed Road and reachable using a metro, DIFC doesn’t sound like the most picturesque of venues to take photographs; but with Dubai being the financial hub of the Middle East, snapping up the state-of-the-art infrastructure will add a new dimension to your photography exploits. Visit the facility during weekends, since it’s usually busy during weekdays to take symmetrical shots of the gorgeous interior. Avoid taking your DSLR camera as security might prevent you from using it due to security measures.

9. Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Dubai. With waterfront residences, luxury yachts and catamarans floating through the canal, the Marina Walk is a photographer’s dream. It is one of the few venues that look more beautiful during the night when the lights come on. Another option worth exploring is to set your tripod next to one of the bridges, which will give you a panoramic perspective of the canal and its surroundings.


10. At the Top – Burj Khalifa

At the Top – Burj Khalifa

If you are not afraid of heights, and want a bird’s eye view of Dubai, then head to the At the Top experience in Burj Khalifa. The attraction takes visitors all the way up to the highest floors and offers scintillating views of the city. To take the experience up a notch, we suggest you book the At the Top Sky experience, which takes you to the observation deck at Level 148. From there, you can take jaw-dropping photos of yourself or your loved ones using Dubai’s skyline as backdrop.