Liam Jeffrey Named Bayut’s Agent of the Month

Liam Jeffrey

We are delighted to have begun 2020 with three awards from leading regional property portal Bayut - Agency of the Month, Super Admin of the Month and Agent of the Month. The last of these, bestowed upon our Associate Director Liam Jeffrey, is one of special note. Liam is a key member of our brokerage team and was the company’s top performer in 2019, so this award is more than well-deserved.


In December alone, Liam clinched 5 transactions and netted commission of more than AED 800,000. He sold:


Additionally, he rented out two four-bedroom villas in Sidra to cap an incredible month.


Sobha Hartland villa

The work ethic and passion that Liam brings to the job really must be commended. His most high-profile transaction from last month, the Sobha Hartland villa sale, was the result of 10 hours of negotiating between the buyer and the developer. The negotiations went well into the night and were far from over as the buyer decided to alter the deal the following day. It took three more days of effort on Liam’s part (ably supported by our management team) to finalise the transaction.


Liam is consistently the hardest worker in the room, arriving at the office early, giving his all throughout the day, and providing clients a level of service that can only be described as world-class, day or night. He truly is Mr. 24/7. Along the way, he has also found time to develop a brand as one of the most recognisable brokers on social media, having built his YouTube following to nearly 20,000 followers and with overall views now surpassing 2 million!


However, it is not just Liam’s work ethic and passion for the job that makes him stand out. He is also incredibly humble and never lets his success go to his head. His reaction to closing the Sobha deal bears testament to that - on achieving a sale that would net him the largest commission of his career, he was glad that it would give him the opportunity to send money to the UK and allow his father to retire.


Liam embodies the values that we want to see in all brokers and his hard work, humility, kindness and ethics make him the Outstanding Agent of the Month, and in our books, Agent of the Year.