The Prime Residential Fund specialises in high yield residential investment properties located in prime areas of Dubai.

The Prime Residential Fund investment objective is to provide qualified investors with a positive yield return alongside capital growth over the medium- to long-term.

The performance of the Fund is based on prudent acquisition, appropriate financing techniques and comprehensive in-house asset management, producing positive high annual returns.

With a low minimum investment of AED5M for individuals and AED10M for corporates, an investment in the Fund is suitable for mid- to long-term capital appreciation.



  • Positive annual net return on capital
  • Excellent asset, facilities and financial management with high, consistent risk-adjusted returns
  • Outstanding record of performance since inception of the fund and asset protection underwritten by freehold prime property

Investment strategy

  • Prudent acquisition of prime residential real estate with locked-in capital value
  • High-yield residential freehold apartments
  • Foundation in risk mitigation and optimising the risk-reward ratio

Risk management

  • Priority focus on capital preservation and growth
  • Prudent acquisition in prime areas where freehold assets are relatively insulated from negative market sentiment
  • Low monthly operating costs and the benefit of developer warranties with assets held in high demand areas, which assist in the mitigation of the impact of major unpredictable political or economic events

Fund benefits

  • Stable, positive and above-average return generation
  • No investment lock-up periods and monthly liquidity, thus being suitable for mid- to long-term time investment horizons (subject to an initial 12-month moratorium on distributions to investors)
  • Redemptions will be at the discretion of the manager of the fund, to ensure appropriate liquidity management in the interests of all unitholders as a whole

Fund management

  • Robust and experienced acquisitions and asset management team
  • Expert management with a unique and appropriate mix of competencies
  • Finely-tuned investment strategy, capable of adjustments as the dynamics of the market change over time


Annualized Return

(net of fees and charges)

Unparalleled returns with controlled risk underwritten by freehold property

The business structure is based on managing risk first and then maximizing the overall return on capital invested.

The conservative approach to property investing is the cornerstone of the performance of the Fund. The management team has shown outstanding acumen in identifying, assessing and, where appropriate, acquiring real estate at significantly under market value. The extensive due diligence and market analysis, coupled with in-house asset and facilities management teams, will result in strong portfolio returns.

The investment strategy was fully developed in-house and is an integral part of the intellectual property of The Prime Residential Fund.

The concept and framework of the strategy is not based on any existing or predefined investment strategy and is exclusively used for the operations of The Prime Residential Fund.

The Private Rented Sector [PRS] that exists in Dubai delivers yields in excess of 7%. However, the PRS is not well structured and there is a clear and unsatisfied demand for high yield prime residential properties for both tenants and indeed investors alike. This Fund is a comprehensive investment option supported by a branded and reputable full-service, end-to-end offering to our residential tenants.”

Jason Hayes
CEO of

Investment Strategy

Management expertise combined with unique and privileged access to prime property deals via has proven to be one of the main unique selling propositions of The Prime Residential Fund. This enhances the performance and value proposition and serves to deliver consistent positive returns.

Prior to any property investment, extensive analysis is undertaken on the target property, ensuring the target asset meets with our tested acquisition and asset management strategy.

We smartly and seamlessly ensure all investments are pre-leased prior to acquisition, ensuring fixed income from day one of ownership.

Investment Key Points.

  • Zero Schedules of Dilapidations, as apartments are brand new
  • Zero Void Levels
  • Zero Bad Debt Provisions (due to collection of post-dated cheques for rental payments)
  • In-House Tenant Service and Maintenance Management Team

Business Model of the 21st Century

The Prime Residential Fund strives to be the front runner of the property industry in terms of products and services provided that are reliable and safe for the intended user, meeting all obligations and continually learning and improving in all spheres to pursue the moving target.

That is why the development of the business model is based on a bottom-up approach, where piecing certain parts of the company’s segments together gives rise to more complex systems. In addition to its unique performance, the Prime Residential Fund also takes great pride and care in all aspects of its business, investors and clients.

This applies not only to our Tenants, but also the core investor relationship, offering respect and transparency with regular updates and always going the extra mile to satisfy the investor’s needs. The building of productive and concrete relationships, which are positive for both parties, is very important.

Fund Advantages

The Prime Residential Fund exclusively offers its service to individual professional investors, family offices and financial institutions to which it can provide flexible investment opportunities.

  • High Return on Capital

  • Flexible Time Investment Horizons

    With no lock-up periods and a flexible business model, the Prime Residential Fund focuses on mid- to long-term capital appreciation with risk-adjusted high returns.

  • Led by World-Class Professionals

    The investment strategy is managed by world-class leading professionals with extensive experience in leading real estate and financial institutions.

  • First-Class Investor and Corporate Relations

    Frequent reporting of all updates to the investor, offering constant daily support to all asset management activities.


Company Background

The Prime Residential Fund is a firm believer that freedom from the constraints of old business structures, hierarchy and culture is hugely beneficial in accelerating innovation and collaboration with other partners. This statement strongly reflects in the management of business operations by our team of Professionals. They embody the pioneering spirit, encourage diversity and support creativity. Almost three decades of business experience in Europe, United States and the Middle East reflect in their DNA and their permanent drive to create new value for the Fund's investors.


Board of Directors

The central purpose of governance is strategic. It is a mechanism for ensuring that the goals and objectives of the Board of Directors are precisely examined and implemented.

Jason Hayes


Jason is the Founder and CEO of A seasoned and internationally experienced chairman Jason has business interests in Europe, USA and the Middle East. With a strong track record as a property investor in Europe and the USA, Jason has over two decades of experience of real estate. Jason offers world class insight into portfolio acquisition and management, corporate finance and investment consulting.

Andrew Cummings


Andrew is the Co-Founder & Managing Director of and one of Dubai’s top producing real estate agents. He is the only person to have been named Outstanding Agent of the Month by Dubai’s leading property portal twice in the same year. His experience extends beyond real estate and includes previous government advisory and management consultancy, where he built offices across the Middle East and Africa

Subscription Terms


Individual Professional Investors, Family Office and Licensed Regulated Institutions

Investor Geolocation


Standard Initial Investment

AED 5m (Individual) AED 10m (Institution)

Lock Up Period

No lock-up periods

Profit Calculation


Redemption Fee


Subscription Fee


Management Fee


Performance Fee


Acquisition Fee


Key Fund Details


The Prime Residential Investment Fund



Launch Date

January 2020

Base Currency

United Arab Emirate Dirham (AED)

Investment Objective

Target returns of 8%

License Authority

Abu Dhabi Global Market

License Certificate Number


Investment Manager

Prime Residential Limited

Fund Administrator

Maples Fund Services

Licensed Fund Manager

ADS Securities

License Authority

Abu Dhabi Global Market/Financial Services Regulatory Authority

License Certificate No




Legal Advisors to the Fund

King and Spalding